Smoking Guns — 15 Comments

  1. Those are great shots! One of these days I’m going to venture beyond my Olympus point and shoot camera and try one of the big kid versions of a camera.

  2. That’s a creative mind working overtime…trying to capture the smoke. You did good girl! I can “smell” the smoke coming out of those guns and shells.

    • Yea, I realized after about 15 minutes of this challenge that the smell could get addictive. I think smelling the gunsmoke is all part of the attraction, is it not? Sort of like firecrackers, but better!

  3. Great shots!! I bet I’d never be able to get them. And, I have a 35mm Canon I bought several years ago (not digital) with extra zoom lenses. I used it when working for a newspaper. Never knew when I would need my camera. Now, I use a Canon SD1200 IS point and shoot. Nice camera but, slow on action shots!

    Keep shooting what you do best, great photos!!

    • Oh yes you would, because you would sit there and do just what I did. These are just the six best out of about 100 photos! Thanks for the encouragement. And one day I’m going to read the manual and understand all the technical stuff. One day, but not today.

  4. As a child of 9 thru about 20 I used to shoot my Nylon 66 till it was too hot to hold. The smell of spent shells on a frosty morning and a excited dog are great things.

    • Now, if i can just write a “real” article about it and use that photo, it might be a prize winner in next year’s EIC. Any ideas? Does RenRed know a publication that would like a simple piece about 5 stand?

  5. OMgosh! Do you have a copy of Magazine Markets for Writers: 2010?

    It lists thousands of magazines, by interest, part of the country, subject matter, etc. It tells you what the submission requirements are, what percentage unsolicited manuscripts they accept, etc. etc.

    I got a copy this year because I was all jazzed to do some submissions, but it’s been all I can do to keep the blog going. SO – if you don’t have a copy I’d be happy to send you mine to use. An evening or two going through their sporting / guns / travel / recreation sections probably would give you some good ideas!

    • So, do you see your name tag!!! Do you recognize your hand? Your gun? Or you shirt? LOL! But do you like the photo, REALLY? Did you have any idea I was doing that? You guys were not very cooperative!!!

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