Somebody, please give that dog a drink!

Yes, everyone, this is the big yellow dog that took up here shortly after our “Baby” was taken from us. We tried returning her to the owner a couple times, and she kept coming back. We gave up and she won her boy, Termite! I know she is poor looking, but we have wormed her 3 times and feed her three times a day plus scraps. Just can’t seem to fatten her up. Any ideas, anyone?

Ah yes, finally!

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  1. When you find the answer to “putting some meat “on your dog, let me know how you did it. I think my son has her brother!

  2. LOL I laughed SO hard at this BW – we had PIG that did the same thing!! The water trough was ALWAYS full, but she prefered to chase the water hose and would run after you if you ran with it trying to catch you to drink right out of it. Dangdest thing ya ever saw!!! LOL I love golden retrievers – that is what she is right? 🙂

    Now that is funny! I think she’s some sort of retriever mix and she lives to retrieve! I’ll go see your post now.

  3. I have fattened up many a stray dog. You can do it slowly with dogfood of you can cook for them and do it quickly! A meal of cooked fatty ground meat, brown rice, garlic, pureed veggies and yogurt will put weight on them and make them glean in no time! I’m glad you got the dog. Will she be called “Yellow dog” or a different name?

    Right now I hardly have time to cook for my humans! Appreciate the advice, though. Termite calls her Sis. She is a Mexican dog, but I think she is learning English as a second language!!! I had named her Jaune (Fr. for yellow) but it did not stick.

  4. One other thing is that the dog probably has tape worms. You can look in her stool and look for what looks like grains of rice……if you see that – tape worms. You have to get the wormer from a vet.

    That is probably it, Kim. Thanks for that information!

  5. Praziquantel is the med for tapeworm. Perhaps in your state it is not available at pet supply stores? It is, however, available at Pet Supply websites.
    Could, also, have giardia, which comes, among other ways, from drinking standing / infected water. How’s her stool? Metronidazole is the med for that, if necessary. It is an Rx med, very inexpensive.

    Thanks, Arti!

  6. I’d have that cute puppy looked at by a vet … worms, shots, microchip … and hold on tight .. she’s adorable! I wouldn’t worry about fattening her up .. labs/retrievers tend to gain wait as they age. Long legged and rangy is good as long as she’s getting a good diet and a dog vitamin wouldn’t hurt.

    Best of luck with your new dog .. she is a keeper!


  7. Yep I think a Vet trip and a lil age is needed. River is gaining weight now after almost 3 years. What that means is the 40 lb cannonball that used to hit you on a dead run when called now weighs 60+ and hasn’t slowed up.

  8. I am currently using hog feed and weight builder for hourse that I mix w/ their food that I have cooked and add a little DYE for horse and has worked great.