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  1. Your pictures of your world around you make me homesick! When I get back we have to head out onto the water so I can enjoy your surroundings. You live in a beautiful place!

  2. Lovely pics and a great writeup! Just reading and drinking in the pictures upped my serenity quotient for the day. Thank you, BW.

  3. Beautiful photos. Nice catch too. My hubby loves trout and I buy and cook it for him once or twice a year. But, neither of us can fillet a fish to save our souls. I just cheat and buy them pre-cleaned.

  4. My Grandpa was an avid fisherman, your stories remind me of growing up on his boat, fishing and just sitting together enjoying the quiet. He was a Navy man and felt it his duty to teach me to swim, overhaul a boat motor (sometimes in the water, lol), trailer a boat and would purposely get me lost on the lake and make my find my way back to the dock. Gosh, I miss him. Thanks for the gentle reminders.

  5. Dangities this thing is about the longest thing I read since Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London. That is a complement, cher.

    2 kinds of women fish. Those that catch and those that make relief over the side awkward at best.

    Gonna be a cold wet snowy week here. I am ready to head back.

    Locals I saw while there do not fish between 9 and 3. I just waited them out.

    Hey whatever happened to Orange Crush? Did Rootbeer out fish it?

    • Some men make relief over the side awkward at best, too, Blu! I have fished with quite a few fellas, and none of them have had one second of trouble taking relief! It’s a natural function and if you keep talking, nobody gives a rip! Besides, the sound of fast and furious trout action drowns out the dribble! LOL!

  6. i really love to read your fishing reports,unlike many on the other fishing forums.i get the sense i was there with you watching as a bystander in the back of the boat….

  7. great post

    you mentioned that, on Day 2, the intuders might be clueless, or rookies. Both are too generous – they were morons. Your point made on Day 1 was absolutely on the mark – just because I’M on fish doesn’t mean they are the only fish on the lake. Pay atention to patterns , pay attention to bait movement, and find the fish that re set up to take advantage of the situation. Don’t crowd me out

    keep up the great postts, BW!


  8. Oh, and BTW – I haven’rt missed ALL of your Community Coffee contests!!! I’ll pay closer attention.

    Thanks for stopping by over my way


  9. I got a package from Community today, nice looking coffee scoop in it. Cant wait for breakfast to figure it out. I may even start sticking out me pinky finger while drinking coffee now.

    Thank you again.

  10. BW, just had a phone call asking what your name is. Seems TarBaby mentioned you in an article he wrote for the local paper. Y’all check it out at Search sports. It’s a nice article.

    • Thanks for letting us know about Tar Baby’s article, Steffie. It seems this is how the wonderful worldwide web works. He found Wolfy’s site from my comment section, where he is giving away tons of bass fishing gear in a random drawing …. an idea I hope he reaped from this blog . . . and entered the contest, which got him thinking about bass fishing! Anyway, Tar Baby is an award winning writer and photographer and TV show host who has his feelings hurt that he wasn’t in the boat with me last Saturday! (right TB?) I had no clue he had written the little article, and it’s mostly about bass fishing, which TB and I have done together, too! I’m wondering if TB saw the bass in the pics a few posts back? LOL! And now he’s got me wondering why he didn’t leave a comment on Something’s Fishy! Anyway, I’ll be sure and thank him, and thanks again!

      • Well, I thought about giving you a call to fish that weekend and I’m still sort of wishing I could kick my own rear end for not calling. Yeah, I saw them, but “by-catch”! Gimme a break! LOL!

    • While you’re there, click on the Lagniappe tab at the top/right. Then click on the Gumbo (magazine) tab on the left. When it opens, select the 1/01/2009 date tab and you can read a magazine article I wrote, “There’s a Lady at the Helm” aka Captain Wendy.

      • Or just go HERE and the article starts on Page 20. Thanks a bunch, TB!!! Well, how much notice do you need for a quick trip to Decade? And how early on a Fri. morning can you leave home? LOL! That trip last January was probably the coldest morning of the winter down here!

  11. Hee hee….. Guess I’ll go look at the green carp site. Wacked a few dink striped ones and sacaulaits yesterday. Ice on lakes is starting to form. Even in the nuke lake I fished.

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