Spring-time Wetland Education — 25 Comments

  1. Oh, my. What fabulous photos. That blue heron is magnificent, and the green of the fern and the trees is so fresh and new. I was itchy to get going after catching up with your last post. Now I’m looking for the car keys. Patience, patience…

    It’s good that you reminded all of us, again, of the situation over there. Heaven knows there are enough things going on in the world to occupy our minds, and an occasional reminder of the realities close to home always is warranted.

    And I swear, even that alligator seems to be smiling!

  2. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Granted, I’m a sucker for moss draped cypress, birds and sunbathing gators and turtles. That little blue is gorgeous. I’ve ever seen one in breeding plumage before. I think I’d remember something that brilliantly blue!

    While I believe the reasons for wetland losses here are a bit different from your area, the problems we face are still the same: reduced protection from storm surge and the loss of habitat for the many species who live in those wetlands.

    I feel a rant coming on, so I’d better hush. I don’t want to mess up your lovely blog!

    • Well, Gue`, I truly understand a good rant . . . because it’s getting harder and harder for me to do my wetland education without going off on a tirade myself these days. Thanks for your kind words about the photos, but the swamp and the critters provide the subject matter and color, and I just look through the box and press a little button 🙂

  3. Ok -I loved the pictures and I am ready for a tour–I can read this story over & over. I have been living on the Bayou for 57 years and have never seen a Heron that Blue before–Will be calling you soon–Friend a few Bayous away!!!!

    • If you want to bring the grandkids on a tour, let’s do it soon while everything is just waking up and not wait until it’s too hot! The only negative thing about this trip was the few gnats we had to tolerate. But they aren’t here all the time, as you well know! And I need to make it over to your bayou and see if any of your beautiful plans survived the winter.

  4. Wonderful photos (as always).
    Are you still doing wetland plantings? Have you been back to the areas where you have helped plant to see if any progress has been made?

    • Most of the partnership plantings are being done over on the Fourchon Ridge. I would still be helping with plantings if there were any projects partnerships going on near here that would allow me to bring people or just go myself. Of the two most recent areas planted, one is doing great and the other, the other had to be replanted because it was too hot when the planting took place. The sediment is self seeding most of the time, and the plantings are done just to speed things up and help hold the new soil in place. Often, there’s not money in a project budget for plants, so they’re sort of like the icing on the cake, so to speak. Cake’s just okay without iceing, but with it, well, you get the picture!

  5. I must admit Capt. Wendy outdid herself on this one! 14 gators and what may have amounted to a flock of blue heron – my absolute favorite! The wildlife just seem to greet her boat around every twist and turn. If everyone in the country would take one of her wetland tours, they’d come to realize what those of us in south Louisiana already know: it is absolutely worth saving!

  6. Congratulations on 10 years doing what you do so well! Thanks for more pictures of beautiful springtime in LA. I do miss this time of year in that part of the country. Can’t wait to see your pictures of the migration this year. I’m sure it’s started already!

    • Thank you, Kim, but let me clarify. I’ve only been blogging for going on 7 of those years. But it was my first paddle trip and the first galley copy of my book that solidified our friendship back in November 2004. I just love how things like that work. Do you remember meeting on that trip? We were kindred spirits destined to meet. And here we are . . . . still long-distance friends going on 10 years later! Pretty cool!

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