Step right up!

Back Deck

“C’mon, you can do it!  Just climb up the ladder and get up here!”

Uh, no thanks. I think I’ll wait for the steps.

Deck Steps

“Hey, could you guys hurry it up a bit?  I want to get inside and check out the house now that it has been elevated.”Deck Steps

“Well, if you didn’t change where you wanted the steps THREE TIMES, you might have steps by now.”

Deck steps

Nice!  Now you’re getting somewhere!

Deck and Steps

Sorry about the mess, but I just could not wait for everything to be finished and cleaned up before showing you!  And if you notice that the landing and the two sets of steps are not PERFECTLY square, please DO NOT point that out to me because I will start hyperventilating, biting my cuticles, twirling my hair; and then my eye will twitch and the carpenters will run away screaming at the deranged woman chasing them with the plumb line and the level.

It’s just an illusion.

Wait, that wasn’t the slogan, was it LilSis?

Now, I have to get busy on the plumbing.  That should be interesting!


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  1. Oh, I like the landing. And the slope (degree?, angle?) of the steps doesn’t look like it’ll be too hard on the knees and legs. Pretty snazzy.

    1. Very observant, KB. The slope is gentle, hence, it took a lot more room than first expected and the reason for taking so long to finally decide where they should go. The landing is very spacious for ease in hoisting furniture up the steps, too!

  2. Just admit it! You’re one of those people who tilt their head to the side when looking at something. I’m sure you just forgot you were zooming in with your camera for a closer look and accidentally clicked a photo.

    1. Steffi – I SWEAR I was not doing that. I was really hoping not to see things not lining up. I was standing there taking an over-all view and the off angles SCREAMED at me through the lens!

  3. What an incredible adventure. I recall those days in mid October when the future of Camp Dularge seemed a bit uncertain.

    Thank you for sharing the step by step (no pun intended) account of elevating a house, installing a septic tank and having steps built.

    132 days ago we were hitting the highways for Gustav. Wendy, your blog is providing hope for many other people who are still living out of boxes in a rented house, motel room, or a bedroom upstairs with only the bare necissties while waiting on insurance, FEMA and a million pieces of red tape.

    Also enjoy your fishing trips and recipes and so many other adventures!

    1. Thank you, Lily, and after all you’ve been through you still have enough heart to type kind of words of encouragement to one who has truly been blessed with a friend like you.

  4. boy can I see a couple of chairs, a couple of cold beers, some fishing gear laying to the side as a couple of good ol folks reminise the exciting day of fishing they had with Captain Wendy & First Mate Termite as they watch the sun set over Camp DuLarge from their prime spot on that awesome deck!!!!
    Its a beauty.

    1. Oh my dear Magnolia, you are sooo right. Only thing is, from this deck they’ll see the sun rise. They’ll have to sit on the front “porch” to watch the sun set, but boy do we have some gorgeous sunsets!

    1. You don’t remember? “It’s just a camp!” That was the slogan that replaced, “Bulldozer!” every time something didn’t go right or wasn’t just like I thought it should be. I know Choup remembers it.

      Yes, they are doing a good job.

      I haven’t taken the time to enjoy the view yet, to tell you the truth. I think I’ll do that tomorrow and make myself take a “day of rest”.

    1. Thanks, Vance. I am just trying to buy the lumber and not notice the price and thus avoid cringing and convincing myself we can all climb a ladder to the door!! Yes, I have been told many times that I am still living in the eighties where the economy is concerned. I hate buying things at today’s prices. So I just keep my eyes closed when they press the “TOTAL” button!!!