Strong south wind and 16 trout — 5 Comments

  1. I would like to learn that scowl your son has mastered…LOL
    Man, I could make a few folks, get out of my way. If I come fishing will he teach me “the scowl?”

    I don’t know, FL, but he surely could teach you how to fish!

  2. I really like his T and undershirt. Z would grab them in a second. I think Termite’s expression is a forewarning to the young ladies in his future….kind of a ‘come hither’ look, no? Don’t mess with me kinda thing.
    I always love your pictures.

    Thanks Cuz. Just don’t tell anybody how much I pay you to say those nice things!!!

  3. A “bad” day fishing is better than a good day at school.

    Excellent, Choup. I think you just composed the real caption for these photos!

  4. Okay, these photos of your son are -hilarious-. Poor kid, having to suffer through fishing….I really feel for him…not. ;- ) How old is Termite? Is he at that age where the scowl becomes a permanent feature because it’s so cool?


    He is 11, and that scowl better not become a permanent fixture, or we gonna have some problems!!!
    He was just being a punk, that’s all!

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