Strong south wind and 16 trout

You see, when you are a fishing guide, it is your job to FISH FISH FISH even if you don’t have a charter. The reason? So you can learn the patterns of the fish. For example, we could not buy a bite today in the same place we caught trout Friday. Today’s conditions were totally different. Some of those conditions which have to be considered are:

Tide range and whether incoming or outgoing
Location of fish in water column
Wind direction and speed
Water temperature
Air temperature
Moon Phase
Time of day

And sometimes you just get lucky and happen upon a school of hungry fish and nothing else matters. One guide even tells me at times like those, you can throw an empty hook out there and they’ll bite it. I’ve yet to try that, but I hope to one day.

Termite wasn’t in the best of moods today. Not sure why.

My wretched mother makes me go fishing with her. I’d rather be home doing fun stuff like math, reading, writing, and quantum physics!!!!


For all you fashion-conscious fishermen out there. Don’t you just love the way his shirt matches his rattle cork?

And then I went and FORCED him to catch another nice trout. Hold it up for the nice people to see, Termite!


There, there, son. It’s not that bad, is it? (Look at the trout slime on his shirt–sign of a true fisherman!)

We won’t be fishing tomorrow. We will be preparing for a very special evening of Laser Tag to celebrate a very special boy’s 15th birthday.

Yet to come . . . . Gingerbread Bayou People . . .

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  1. I would like to learn that scowl your son has mastered…LOL
    Man, I could make a few folks, get out of my way. If I come fishing will he teach me “the scowl?”

    I don’t know, FL, but he surely could teach you how to fish!

  2. I really like his T and undershirt. Z would grab them in a second. I think Termite’s expression is a forewarning to the young ladies in his future….kind of a ‘come hither’ look, no? Don’t mess with me kinda thing.
    I always love your pictures.

    Thanks Cuz. Just don’t tell anybody how much I pay you to say those nice things!!!

  3. A “bad” day fishing is better than a good day at school.

    Excellent, Choup. I think you just composed the real caption for these photos!

  4. Okay, these photos of your son are -hilarious-. Poor kid, having to suffer through fishing….I really feel for him…not. ;- ) How old is Termite? Is he at that age where the scowl becomes a permanent feature because it’s so cool?


    He is 11, and that scowl better not become a permanent fixture, or we gonna have some problems!!!
    He was just being a punk, that’s all!