Swamp People Visit Houma

By now, most of you have watched the most-watched show in the history of the History Channel, “Swamp People”.  If you haven’t, then tune in this Thursday at 8:00 Central Time.  These alligator hunters have become local heroes and are just about as real as they come.

Miah’s target swamp person yesterday was Troy Landry, from Pierre Part, LA.  He’s a veteran alligator trapper with personality plus.  Let’s call him the Sweetheart of the Swamp People, because he seems to be everyone’s favorite.

That was evident when we pulled into park in a huge grocery store parking lot, packed full of vehicles.  The line was already out the front door and around the end of the building.  I put Miah out and told him to get a place in line while I parked the car illegally.  There literally was nowhere to park.

After parking the car and checking on him, I asked the lady behind him to keep an eye on him while I went inside to see what the plan was. And oh my goodness, there looked to be a thousand people in a serpentine line that wound its way through the bakery, around produce, up and down six isles all the way to the back of the store where Troy was rumored to be signing autographs and posing for pics.  I asked a store employee and a couple women in the line what the procedure was, and nobody knew.  There was really no organization.

I went back outside and reported to Miah and the lady in line that there was no way all those people could get to see Troy in three hours.   It was so hot waiting in the sun, Miah’s head was already producing sweat droplets the size of raindrops.

It’s hard for Miah to understand that things don’t always work out as planned, and when he has his mind set on something, he’s not that willing to flex.  Even so, there was no way I was waiting in that heat for our turn to see Troy.  But, I did have another plan in mind.  Dotter had tipped me off that morning that more Swamp People were appearing downtown.

ME:  “Who is the lady who shoots for Troy?”

MIAH: “Lizbet,” he said with his head down in disappointment.

ME:  “Well, I heard that she might be downtown.  Would you like to go see her?”

MIAH:  “Lizbet?  Me?”

ME:  “Yeah, buddy, let’s go find her!”

MIAH:  Not wanting to seem too anxious, he sighed, dropped his shoulders and said, “All right,” as he exhaled heavily.

I talked to him along the way of the other Swamp People he might get to see there.  He had already met several of them, but I thought he might want to see them again.

The first one on the list was Liz, The Gator Queen, jokingly known to Troy as “Tee-Liz”!

She was just as nice as she could be and a very lovely woman.  And folks, she can shoot that gun!  Miah bought a photo of her and she autographed it for him.  That made him happy!

We heard a rumor that when Troy was finished at the grocery store at 2 p.m. he was heading downtown where we were.  Miah overheard the conversation and perked up at the mention of Troy.  By this time, it was only noon, so I diverted his attention with the offer of a cold drink.

Then, we walked around looking at all the booths while I steered him toward a couple more of his heroes.

This time, it was father and son team, R.J. and J. Paul from Houma.  They are Houma Indians and hunt alligators not far from where we live.  Don’t you just love R. J.’s braid?  We go to the same salon!!!

He already has an autographed photo of these guys–Dotter took him to meet them a couple weeks ago at Buffalo Wild Wings, but I wanted a pic of him with them.

We moseyed on down the way, and I surprised him with a stop at the tent of Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy.  They are the first Swamp People he met last month, and he already has their signed photo.  However, he was wearing his visor, just like Tommy’s, and I asked him if he wanted them to sign it.  Oh yes, indeed he did!

Tommy acted like he remembered Miah from his first visit and really gave him special treatment.  These Swamp People are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever want to meet (unless you’re a gator).

Happy with his autographed visor, we headed to the food tents to find some fried alligator.

Along the way, we stopped at the Art Gecko tent of my artist friend, Dot-tee.  She gave Miah a tile painted with her signature Pink Alligator.  That pink alligator is going to make her famous!

They were out of fried alligator, a big disappoint to my inflexible son, but when he read the word “alligator” on another sign advertising “Alligator Sauce Piquant”, he was sold.  The man served him a big bowl full and told him if he liked it, to come back for free refills!

Food and drink in hand, we settled on a bench in the courtyard near the stage to watch none other than our own MuzicMan of the Voodoo Bayou Band.  Even though the sun was brutal, the oak trees shaded us while a gentle breeze kept us from totally burning up.

After the concert was over, Miah was ready to go find Troy.  It was 2 p.m. and time for his grocery store visit to end.  I asked at the information tent where he was going to be set up, and they had no idea.  They told me to go ask the Gator Queen.  When I asked at her tent, they said they had no idea either.  So, we parked ourselves on a curb where we could see all three entrances where he might come through.

Two hours later, we heard a rumor that Troy had just left the grocery store and was headed to the hospital, where his son’s wife was in labor and about to give birth.  Miah was not happy to hear those words.  Finally, around 5 p.m., I convinced him that Troy wasn’t coming and bribed him with a trip to the drive-through for a cheeseburger in order to convince him to leave.

I visited Troy’s Face Book page this morning and read that he stayed an extra two hours at the grocery store event.  And from there he went straight to the hospital to meet his new grandson.

In the courtyard yesterday, I ran into my cousin who said she had watched Troy in the store, taking his time with each person, hugging them, putting his arm around them, posing, laughing, smiling, joking.  No wonder it took an extra two hours!

Miah ended up having a good day, even though he didn’t get to see Troy.  I was a bad momma and forgot the sunscreen, so now he has a “visor” tan on his bald head, poor darling.  Now, if I could just figure out how to get him a visit with Troy, the Alligator Bandit, his Swamp People collection will be complete!

Power to the Swamp People!


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  1. I have never had the honor of watching the show since I don’t have cable or satellite. It sounds like the stars of the show are good to their fans!

  2. Pretty mice way to spend a Saturday, unless you are Troy’s daugher-in-law.

    I know no one ever uses it anymore, but if you have a can of Hair spray, spray Miah’s cap bill. Its clear so you can see thru it, but it will protect the signature for awhile from dirt water, smearing, etc….

    Miah was lucky, sauce piquant is much better than just old fried gator.

    I guess all he has left to meet is Mr Troy and the Guy from Hammond that hunts with his dog in his Oshgosh shorts!

    1. I do happen to have a can of hairspray I can use. Thanks for that. The sauce piquant was so spicy, that Miah’s eyes were watering!!! He has no interest in meeting Kleibert!!!

  3. Whoa hoo streaming swampiness on my Mac. I’ll watch a couple.

    Weather is really nuts here tstorms popping up. How’s the yak gonna get out that way. 12 inches rain south of me and streams are muddy as heck. Not sure what happened but we have reverted to the rivers of my youth.

    1. Blufloyd,you can send all that rain down Texas way,right now in the Houston area we’re about 15inches behind on rainfall and have fires in several locations.

      1. C.E., I’m down in League City and we are flat burning up. The grass is long gone, and now the shrubbery and dry cypress are starting to show the stress. “They” say there’s relief midweek. Sure hope so.

  4. BW,the swamp people show is one our favorites along with Lizard Lick Towing,that show should get an Emmy for comedy.I also think it’s great that Miah is getting to meet his heroes.Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.

  5. BW, you are one fine Mama to spend all that time – sounds like tracking the Swamp People’s harder than tracking gators.

    Me, I’m for that Voodoo Bayou. Good sound. One of these days I’ll start prowling again and I wouldn’t mind finding those guys somewhere!

    1. Voodoo Bayou is really getting around now. The leader, Kyle Domangue, has some pretty cool originals. I wish I could go more often. Hey, there is a big shindig on September 10th down on Grand Isle and they will be playing along with two other bigger bands. September 10: 6:45pm UPLIFTING THE COAST FESTIVAL, Grand Isle, LA. Maybe if your mom is squared away by then, you could come down for the celebration!

      1. Remind me NOT to be in Grand Isle that day. NOT that I wouldn’t want to hear the band…it just seems the weather turns lousy when we go!

  6. Does Miah prefer to meet Troy, or would he settle for an autograph?
    Don’t feel too bad about forgetting the sunscreen. As hot as it is and so much sweating, it would have been almost useless in short time. Visor and bald are not a good combo unless it’s night time or indoors. But hey, what can we (your readers expect)… you’re such a BAD mom, you only spent hours in 90 plus degree for Miah. Maybe we could persuade Capt. Swallow to make you walk the plank! Bad, Bad Mom!
    All kidding aside, with or without Troy, I’ll bet Miah had a wonderful day. I’ll even bet Mom did too!

    1. Well, he wanted to wear his visor that he bought from Trigger Tommy, of course! Oh, I did have a good day. I wanted to see Liz! But the bonus was near the end of the day while we were sitting on the curb watching for Troy. I recognized a distant cousin from south Texas. I called out, “Hey Sister!” And she wheeled around and said, “Gotta be my cousin because nobody but family calls me Sister!” Her real name is Karen, but it was years before I ever knew her real name. Only ever saw her on the rare occasion of family reunions. She and her husband were there with their grandson (who lives in Houma) because he wanted to see Troy and they had also started out a the Rouse’s but the line was way too long. Anyway, Miah wants to MEET Troy, not just buy an autographed photo. It’s okay. We’ll get another chance. If not, I’ll drive him up to Pierre Part and we’ll go find Troy ourselves. And you KNOW I will do that.

        1. His son Jacob? Hey, I’m going to find him one way or another because his appearance schedule is out of this world and none of the cities are close by.

    2. Walking the plank – that’s only a myth – much easier to toss ’em overboard!
      Of course we’d never do that to our good mate BW, especially since she & her family are honorary Pyrates! (not to mention she’s one o’ the hardest working Mom’s in…well, just about any business!)

      Speaking o’ Pyrates…Trapper Joe has a secret history that he may not even know!
      Two years ago when we were down in Grand Isle, we happened to stop for a bite o’ lunch…as we left we met the owner o’ the Salon next door, Jerry…LaFont. Turns out he’s the La. rep for Paul Mitchell Products (travels all over the place) & owns 2 salons (the other is in in LaRose). Ye can find him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-LaFont/1777425483

      Jerry knows something about the LaFont family history and their famous relation; Barthelemy LaFon – “The Architect Of New Orleans” and compatriot of Jean & Pierre Laffite! The name has swapped the “T” back and forth for generations…a bit like the spelling(s) o’ Laffite vs. Lafitte.

      Ol’ Barthelemy was a smart lad – architect, engineer, surveyor (so he was probably a good artist as well). He was responsible for the planning & design of the Lower Garden District as well as parts o’ the Bywater & Bayou St. John. He was fond o’ the Greek classics, using the names o’ the 9 Muses for the streets (thus proving that it’s supposed to be pronounced Cal-eye-o-pee, not Cally-ope), created the grid pattern and had many other grand plans that didn’t quite make it into the final reality. He also surveyed and recommended improvements to the fortifications of New Orleans during the War of 1812, designed the town o’ Donaldsonville near Baton Rouge & was a noted map maker!

      He was a good and valuable mate to Pierre Laffite – the business brains o’ the two brothers (and the only one to actually live in the Vieux Carre – Jean kept to his Baratarian “kingdom”).

      1. Thank you! Thank you! I love it when you share your vast historical knowledge with us!!! I doubt Trapper Joe knows about his connection to the great city, though. Anyway, I pronounced Caliope the “correct” way and when I did, the lady in New Orleans looked at me like I was CRAZY! She had no clue what street I was referring to. And boy would I have died and gone to Map-Geek Heaven if I ever come across one of Barthelemy Lafon’s maps!!! By the way, I still have a gift here for you and the Mrs. Not sure when I’m getting up that way . . . .

  7. I was in the Bass Pro Shop in Denham Springs, and they have a big cutout of Troy and his son. They will be in the store from Noon until 4pm on July 16th. Maybe you and Miah can make it over there to see them.

    1. Hey Christian? Have we met? I read their schedule but thanks for the reminder. I’m sure, though, it is going to be CRAZY there. Since this day at Rouse’s, I have talked to people who got in line at 7 a.m. to see him. 7 a.m.? Are you kidding me? Thanks again and come back soon! BW