Sweet 16 and Sweet 22 Sunday! — 25 Comments

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a good day. We were outside most of the day gettin’ ready for the big ice storm that is suppose to be headin’ our way. I’m sittin’ here now and it’s started to rain, and the wind is blowin’ somethin’ fierce. I’m glad I’m in where it’s nice and warm and I know we are truly blessed. Thank you for a nice post.

  2. Happy Birthday BIG GUY!!! hope your sweet 16 is as sweet as you are to your family. God bless you and keep you safe – your are blessed to have the family that you do!!!!

  3. Appears to me that 16 and 22 were lucky numbers for you today. It certainly was a Happy day for the family by the facial expressions.

  4. Happy Birthday, 16! What a great age to be. And what a guy. I loved the pics of his beautiful face.

    The fish–well, they gotta be dead if you’re going to eat them. Living in the country and providing for yourself isn’t always pretty, but it’s truthful.

  5. I know it’s truthful, Sue, but it’s just that some folks who don’t “harvest” their own food have a little trouble seeing the truth in living color, ya know?!! And that is not said in any form of disrespect to anyone. When I first saw a live shrimp and had to break the head off (back in 1978) I was the biggest baby about looking at their beady, black eyes!!! Now, I don’t even notice them.

  6. Good call on the candles. Termite better remember that for your birthday .
    Less need for fire extinguisher. You weren’t feeding the fauna with trout, were you?

  7. Blu – that’s a really good guess! But not correct – it had more to do with operator error and a bucket!

    Hey – are you saying I’m old?

    And even though you weren’t here, you were the topic of discussion among the du.commers at the Sharon Chalet this weekend!

    “who is that guy that we can’t understand?”

  8. I had a moment of shock…could it be that our precious Miah is 16?! Wow! His facial expressions capture it all – such a joyfulness in the simplicity! He is a genuine gift. I still count his birth as one of the most incredible wonders in my life, and I remember Russell’s response to the doctor’s announcement that he was Down’s…Russell’s , “So?” was truly one of the most pro-life declarations ever made. What a testimony!

    I hate to keep bugging you, but what time is dinner??? 🙂 With all the fish being caught and prepared, are you going to share???

    You’re the best!

    Love you, and Merry, merry Christmas!!! xxx

    • Yes, Vance, I surely do share—and I give away fish that have been cleaned and filleted!! I like to give fish to widows and folks who don’t fish any more but still love to eat fresh fish. We catch way more fish than we can consume.

  9. A good bucket person keeps the bucket upright. Unless they are about to be checked… No your not old just entitled to bigger cake so there is more room for the inferno. I mean candles. Shoot looks like we are going to have ice so Xmas tripping will be on the ice but might figure out how to get down before trout madness stops.

    Btw. Camellia beans are way better than junk up here.

    • Ok, Blu. The bucket was upright–but maybe just a little too close to the water when it got full of fish . . . . glad to know all white beans are not created equal! Good to hear coming from an alien, I mean visitor! And I’m not sure if the tooner will be fishing during Christmas Holidays.

  10. He’s looks so happy. I love pictures capturing moments when the little things delight people. I’m firm believer in find the extraordinary in the ordinary. That’s the key to happiness.

    The cake looks great too.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll check back often.


  11. Okay, I just want to give props to blufloyd for that whole BFF crack! THAT, my friend, was hilarious! Also, weren’t your fish snagged by a certain kitty? Oh how I would have loved to see that! Maybe not though, but that would have made a fabulous blog post, could you have caught it in a photo… those crazy bayou kitties are “fass fass”! 😉

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