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Sweet Potato Pie – The Inside Story

Here we have what I call a “half moon pie”.   I’ve decided I like this shape better than the triangular ones.

Inquiring minds, especially that of Deloutre Switch, want to know what the inside of this crust looks like.  You want to see how much unlike a real pie crust it is.  Some of you just don’t eat pie, simply because you know the crust is nothing but Crisco and flour mixed together and as about as unhealthy as it gets.  Of course, those of us who eat cake, think cake is a complete food group!

DS was the only one brave enough to ask, so with this post I wish her a very merry Christmas!  And thanks for asking!

We haven’t actually cut into one of the pies yet; but here is a cross section of the half moon pie.  The pie looks almost identical, except that the pie has more filling.  I ate this piece with coffee this morning, and mmmm it was good–a little bit too sweet, but when you don’t measure the ingredients, that can happen.

So tell me friends, what is YOUR favorite Holiday Dessert?  I love the fudge recipe my mom used to make.  It’s on the side of the marshmallow cream jar.  You know the one?  I’ve made it in years past, but truth is, I’m the only one who eats it, and I could gain about five pounds eating a half pound of this chocolatey goodness.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Favorite? Hands down it is my homemade fruitcakes (brandy-soaked!) and mincemeat tarts. Served with homemade eggnog, that is the taste of Christmas to me.

    Merry, merry holidays, BW! May yours be the best and most wonder-filled of all.

  2. Favorite…Datenut Loaf, and I didn’t even make any this year. The only baking I’ve done (today) is Fruit Cakes. Most of these are given as gifts. AND yes, they are actually wanted and eaten by the recipients. Tomorrow I’ll make a couple of Cheesecakes for Christmas day.
    Peanutbutter fudge, Cacoons, Pecan Pies, Ambrosia, Tea Cakes, Fruit Cakes and Datenut Loaf all remind me of Christmas.
    Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh Steffi, you brought back memories for me. My dad loved datenut loaf, but I think my grandmother was the only one who made it. No one else really liked it. I like fruitcake, too, except the only one we ever had growing up were the little square ones. They’re about two inches square and about six inches long. Dad would buy one every year, and he and I were the only two who ate it, I think. I’ve never had a homemade fruit cake. Maybe we could swap next year? LOL!

      1. Hey, was your purchased fruit cake a Benson’s? My recipe is as good or better than the Benson cake.
        I forgot Pralines on my “reminder” list.

        1. Steffi – I’m not sure what brand fruitcake it was. I didn’t say it was all that good, I just can’t resist doing that because Daddy always did! Except this year! I didn’t do it. So, will you save me a small chunk of fruit cake? Bring it when you come fishing, please?

          1. Well, I was going to surprise you when we came down…now, just remind me. I already have a “mini” in the freezer for you.

  3. Steffi, finally I find someone who likes fruit cakes also!! I was beginning to think I was an abnormality! LOL!!

    My favorite is a toss up between rum balls and my late grandmothers no-bake fruit cake. It was almost like eating a rich, fruit filled candy! I have used many recipes that are similar but, can’t get it to taste like hers.

    1. Cammy I have both of my Grandma’s non-bake fruit cake recipes I would gladly send you if you’d like a couple more to look at. I can vouch for one of ’em as being pretty dang tasty, and the hardest part is allowing ’em time to sit in the refrigerator. The longer it sits…….. Mmmmmm………

  4. Pralines. More precisely, Maple flavored, sour cream pralines.

    Divinity is a luxury because of the wet and humid Louisiana climate, it just can’t be counted on. Martha Washington balls are always a keeper, but for my Christmas candy cravings its sour cream pralines,

    Christmas cake is a Williamsburg Orange Cake…. its not that sweet. But it is moist and citrusy, not your normal heavy, lays on your stomach, type cake. Its made form easily stored ingredients, I assume thats why it was so popular when America was being founded.

    1. Sorry I’ve been MIA in the Holiday Action. I used to make an orange praline that was divine! You’re right about divinity being a luxury! My mom ALWAYS made Martha Washingtons at Christmas. Thanks for reminding LilSis and me about those. Never had the organe cake, but it does sound good.

  5. PS…. Can I do this? LOL

    I believe that a sweet potato pie has now topped my list of Christmas pies over Pumpkin Mincemeat and Pecan. Sweet potato pie with praline crumblies on top and a spoon of Gingered whipped cream. That and a cup of Community coffee is the breakfast of champions. Makes ya wonder what the poor folks is eattin….

  6. Hello Dolly’s, Martha Washington’s, ribbon candy. I’m not a big pie fan, but BW’s sweet potato pie is wonderful!

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  7. Fruitcake! Fruitcake! My soul for a fruitcake! The long-time myth that nobody likes fruitcake was probably started by someone that wanted to hoard them for themselves. 30 years ago when I started my travels to hunt and fish in Venice, La there was a bait stand just outside of Empire called Frelich’s. During the Christmas season someone in the family (probably Grandma) made fruit cakes the size of a bundt cake that weighed about 10 pounds. Alas, they are no more! My soul for a fruitcake!

  8. Merry Xmas.

    Fruitcakes? Used to make them in coffee cans. Got flavored with brandy rum or bourbon. I love those meringue cookies and pfeffernusse. I own a kitchenaid mixer specifically for black walnut divinity.

    We had mary janes at work yesterday. fa la la la la la

    I miss slot cars at Xmas. I wanna go fishing and all it does is rain here.
    I need a couple sponsors for a trip.

    1. My parents annually burned up a mixer making divinity to give as gifts. They could have used a Kitchen Aid!

  9. My favorite was the fudge my mom used to make. She made enough for it to last for weeks. I sure could use some right now!

    1. There are just too many good holiday sweets. SO, I suggest that we pick the Bayou Woman Top 12 Holiday Desserts and make one per month throughout the year with photos and a blog post. How does that sound? Now, does anyone else have anything to add to this list?

  10. These sweet-potato turnovers are one of my favorite desserts!! I always by them at Bayou Delight restaurant when I am visiting!

  11. Ding, ding ding! I won the BW Christmas present of the year!!!! The sweet potato pie recipe AND a sweet potato pie of my very own! Well, I had to share with dh. I knew one day, it would be worth being BW’s li’l sis!

  12. Well when the humidity drops in house, hopefully before next weekend, I’ll crank some out. 3 inch rain has sump running which is sign of 50% humidity for sure. Maybe 6 inches of fluffy white stuff outside now.

    Holiday baked goods were not in the stores here this year. I love getting the discounted stuff but nothing in my fave groceries.

  13. Hi, We don’t know each other but I was doing a search for some sweet potato pie like my grandma used to make and I saw your picture! It looks delicious and exactly like what I remember as a kid. May I have your recipe or point me in the right direction? I tried making mine from scratch and it came out soggy…. Love your blog btw. Thanks.

    Geaux Saints!

    1. Try baking the potatoes. Add no other liquid than butter and vanilla flavoring to the potatoes. Also, never bake these pies on a humid day. They will be soggy. I emailed you the link to the recipe post. I’m sorry there are no measurements, because I was taught hands on with no written recipe. Good luck!