T-day special

Do you have a special Thanksgiving dish that you prepare only this time of year? And perhaps it’s not included in the “traditional” meals of most American households?

It’s too late for me to share recipes, step by step with you for this year. But I plan to do it anyway, so you will have them for anytime you choose.

More of the story behind these dishes later. But for now, let me whet your appetite. I will be cooking white beans and fried oysters. And here’s what it might look like when we’re all done . . .

This plate includes shrimp, which we will save for another time.  The story behind white beans, rice, and fried oysters for Thanksgiving?  Well, my husband’s family are native Americans who celebrate in a non-traditional way.  Oysters and shrimp are plentiful at this time of year.  Even if I bake a turkey, with all the trimmings, I still have to cook this meal for my husband!!!

Stay tuned for “Cooking with Bayou Woman”. To be continued . . .

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