Taco Pasta

Taco Pasta, you say?


Yes, I know it sounds strange, but a friend asked me if I thought she could somehow turn “taco soup” into a pasta dish. Hmm. I’m not sure sure about that, as there is already a lot going on in taco soup.

But that got me wondering about such a dish. So, as we ALL do, I googled “taco pasta” and read several recipes. I didn’t find one about which I liked everything, so I decided to see what I had on hand that might work to my liking.

In these very strange and strained times, cooking is one way many of us are forced choosing to overcome express our angst creativity.

I mean, there’s nothing like cooking under pressure for the sheer joy of it, right?

I’m very pleased with the results, as was everyone (all THREE of us), who tried it.  Suffice it to say, we ate every bite over two meals.  And the best thing is, most of you have these ingredients on hand most of the time. 

So, if you’ve been looking for something new to shake up the menu or something simple to add to your recipe repertoire, I’m happy to share this one with you. It is my own and not copied directly from another. 


Before we begin, let me say that you may use any pasta, but Dotter gave me these organic rotini made from lentils, rice, and peas. Not something I would have ever chosen, but as you can see, they are a good source of protein, calcium, and potassium, which must be a good thing, right?  Also, they were a deep orange color that went well with the Mexican theme and worked very well in this recipe. I can highly recommend them and hope someone from the MODERN TABLE company reads this post!

Taco Pasta

Quick, easy, delicious

  • 1 lb Ground Beef, lean ((or whatever meat you prefer for tacos))
  • 1 packet Taco seasoning mix ((or season the meat yourself))
  • 1 can RoTel Tomatoes and Chili – Original ((or mild if you prefer))
  • 8 oz Dry pasta spirals ((or other pasta preferred))
  • 8 oz Sour cream
  • 1 cup Medium cheddar cheese, grated ((or mild or sharp if preferred))
  1. Brown ground meat thoroughly in large skillet (or wok)

  2. Add taco seasoning packet and cook according to packet instructions

  3. Meanwhile, boil the pasta till done and strain. Set aside

  4. Add RoTel to meat and bring to a bubble

  5. With meat mixture bubbling, add sour cream and stir, bring back to bubble

  6. Add grated cheese, stirring constantly while cheese melts and blends

  7. Fold in the cooked pasta, cover and sit on low heat for about 5 minutes for flavors to blend

  8. IF you find it's too thick, add a little milk or water to thin

  9. Top with any of your favorite taco toppings, including avocado, black olives, lettuce, tomato, more cheese or sour cream, etc.

Please note that this makes six rather large portions–enough for an entire meal. If served with other sides, this could possibly make 8 nice portions. It’s very rich and filling.

There you have it, friends.  My first official Corona-virus Shut-down recipe!  Please let me know if you try it and what spin you put on it. As I told my friend, you really can’t mess this up. It’s so very simple to be so tasty!

Until I can tie myself to my desk again,



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  1. Sounds good. My grand daughter will love this. She is a pasta addict.
    I do pray all of your family & loved ones are safe and well. We’ve had a couple of family members ill but back on their feet and back to work. And the walls are really getting closer and closer in this house. We never really and truly appreciate our freedom and our way of life until we lose it.
    And of course the ability to purchase needed items without standing in line and being rationed.

    1. Hi Cammy! Oh, great! She’ll be happy. I hope you enjoy cooking it for her as much as I enjoyed creating it for y’all!!!!! We really, really liked it and nothing went to waste. If y’all don’t do spicy, then just use plain chopped canned tomatoes and mild taco seasoning! But it has a really great flavor like it is. Great hearing from you and that y’all are still “kickin”!!!

      1. I wondered if your family was able to have your crawfish boil before the shut down/distance requirements. My son had ordered about 40 lbs just a couple of days before the stay at home was issued and no way to cancel it. He even bought a crawfish cooker since we have the boils regularly during season. There were about 30 people scheduled to attend the boil/cookout and most canceled so it was just BB and I and our kids and their families. We had invested so much already that we decided 15 people were not going to be too many to space out on 6 acres. It was a bit cool but, we enjoyed it and no one got sick. Then 3 weeks ago he called us and said come out if you aren’t afraid to get out. He had bought 15 lbs and was boiling crawfish, potatoes and corn. 7 people were within the limits set by our governor. Very good and nice to see them all doing well and healthy. My DIL is a nurse at a nursing home/assisted living facility and we constantly worry about her. My car is equipped with a large can of lysol, sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer and regular wipes. It gets sprayed down, wiped down every time it is used.

        I have done some experimental cooking. Even made California rolls sushi for the first time. Turned out pretty good. I’ve made bread, cakes, different cuts of meat, etc. Was having fun cooking till the temps hit the 90s and I stepped on the scales. OOOOOHHHHHHH BAD BAD BAD. 🙁 Now I know why my pants are getting so tight.

  2. I’ll put it on hold for a week or so. We’re having spaghetti tonight so I need to let some time pass before we have more pasta. I will give it a try though.

    1. Great, Steffi. Please let me know how y’all like it! I kind of got on a creative kick recently . . . had lefover rice and decided to go for it and make shrimp-fried rice. It turned out GREAT!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised! And so easy!

      1. I forgot to reply until Gary had some of the leftovers for lunch earlier. We enjoyed it and will make it again. Next time I may add some ripe olives since we both like them.

        1. Yes, they would be great either cooked in or added as a topping! The possibilities are endless! So glad y’all enjoyed it!

  3. I can’t believe it! I have every single ingredient in the house! As soon as I get past the meatloaf that needs to get eaten, I’m going to make this, and I’ll report back afterwards.

    I hope all’s well for you. I just heard that the restrictions on travel from Louisiana into Texas will be lifted on Friday. The boat ramps here are open again, and the guides are back in business — sort of. A lot of tournaments have been cancelled, and multi-boat parties aren’t happening, but a lot of guides are out and about again, with one or two customers per trip. I’ve lost some jobs, but I’ve been able to keep working, since being outdoors (check!) and being isolated (check, again!) have been approved activities. I never imagined such a side benefit to my work!

    1. Hi Linda. So, will you make it? We really enjoyed it. Our guides are slowly getting customers. They never went “out of business” on their own, it’s just that people quit coming due to the social distancing factor. Folks around here just truly don’t seem to be too concerned. Went to Rouse’s today and over half the customers were not wearing masks, even after our Parish President made a mandate that we must all wear them in public places. I guess they don’t care. I wore one today, and it really felt strange, I’ll be honest about that. But, hey, I certainly don’t want to make anyone ill, right? I’m so glad you have work. My bird-monitoring project got cancelled due to the shutdown since it is a government contract. I’m hoping to make an abbreviated version of this after May 15th and the governor’s update. How’s the attitude in TX about re-opening????

  4. The pasta Dotter gave you sounds very interesting. I bet ZZ would eat it so I’ll get the makings for it next mask-covered trip to Rouses. I haven’t shopped in about 4 weeks so it’s time. Hugs, love and kisses Cuzzy.

    1. Hey sweet Cuz. She didn’t give me this, maybe I made a typo? I made this myself!!! Hope y’all love it!