Take a guess what this is!

Ok, let’s have some more fun, shall we?

Anybody care to guess?

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  1. Have to disqualify myself from this one. I’ve got two myself. I hung one on the wall. I’ve also purchased this same item as a wedding gift for several fishermen and women.

    Yep, I coulda guesses that! I haven’t used this one yet, so tell me, does the cornbread come out looking like fish?

  2. That is a cast-iron cornbread pan, to make fishy cornbread! So kitschy! And so southern! I love it!

    Isn’t it just the cutest thing? My friend from Mississippi came down last week and gave it to me as a “camp warming” gift!

  3. BW your readers are just too smart to pull one over on!

    By the way, thanks for letting me stay at Camp Dularge this weekend. I enjoyed the visit and the fun! You’ll soon be booked up with fisher men and women! What fun!

    P.S. You might want to post a pic of that huge ‘gator we saw on our adventures for everyone to see.

    You are very welcome! It was great having you! I thought the pics would go along with the “joint” sister post we’re supposed to write???

  4. BW, the fish do come out shaped like a fish. Don’t expect to see all the details though. Just make sure to “season” that cast iron GOOD, even if it’s already pre-seasoned. When you fill the fish be careful not to over fill them. It’s much easier to remove the baked fish.