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Tenacity over tears, again

I’m thinking it might be time to post this here, and just hope that none of you view this as narcissistic on my part. Diane Huhn of Bayou Grace Community Services did a great job of pulling these answers out of me last year and agreeing to use images from her collection, rather than my ageing face, to accompany the interview.

I don’t have time right now to expound and say all the things that are weighing heavy on both mind and heart as a result of this oil spill, but these things are percolating and will be ready to serve up to you soon enough.

Your comments are welcomed at the end of this video, and I only hope it doesn’t bring you to tears, but rather encourages you to make a difference for the Louisiana wetlands.

With deep appreciation,


[weaver_youtube zG_mWCBmTGo https=0]

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  1. BW – It’s not narcissistic, it’s invaluable.

    And, it’s given me a direction for my own postings about my trip to your area. For that, I also thank you.

    I was amazed how many of the places in the video I recognized, and how much attachment to them I feel. Now, the task is to keep spreading the word and help other people to feel the same way.

  2. Is there someone with the “know how” to post this video on YouTube? (with all contributors involved in the video’s permission, of course) I would love to send the link to everyone in my address book. I know they won’t go to your Blog, Wendy, but they’ll watch something posted on YouTube. Go figure! Y’all did a wonderful job. This is something to be proud of and should be seen by others.

    1. Steffi ~ It’s already on Youtube. Here is the URL so you can send the link to everyone. Just copy and paste as usual, but don’t include the little “backticks” at the beginning and end of the link. I included those so the link wouldn’t simply show as the video again.


      1. Well, thank you for that as I was out killing a couple virtual birds with one stone. Spent the day with a published author, whose identity will be revealed in a post, and bought fresh white shrimp along the way, dealt with same shrimp, and boiled a pot for dinner. So, again, thanks for taking care of Steffi’s request. Yes, even though I have a copy on CD, I borrowed this one from YouTube. I didn’t think they would mind, either!

      2. Well DUH! If I would have looked in the bottom right corner I would have seen YOUTUBE plain as day!

    2. So, Steffi, send the link to everyone on our email list if your little heart desires. While you’re at it, sell some books, book some tours and charters, rent the camp out, and let me know what you commission is later! I’m pooped right now.

      1. Hey, I recommended Camp Dularge just yesterday on RodnReel. Someone was actually looking for a place to stay in Dulac. I told him it was closer than the other suggestion of staying in Houma. I thought I’d bought all your books, put a deposit down on the camp and recommended you to a neighbor for a charter in their boat. I’m doing what I can. LOL

    1. Well, spread the word, Sue. That was Diane’s intent for the video–to give another avenue for our voice down here. Thanks so much! I’m just sorry it took me so long to get over myself enough to share it. 🙁

  3. I found you from another site and am so thankful for that video. I intend on re-posting it and writing about it… the photographs and your words are a wonderful combination. You make me feel that this is something we can do, which is really helpful right now as all I can think and feel is utter numbness at it all.

  4. Thanks for posting this BW (and continued thanks for agreeing to do it in the first place and for your continued advocacy for the bayou people). But that videographer needs to learn more about fades and panning so people don’t get dizzy watching this. Tenacity Over Tears is also posted at:
    along with some other videos we put together to showcase the bayou people and the world treasure known as south Louisiana. And thanks to all of your faithful readers who are sharing this with others. That indeed has always been the goal of this piece.

    Was working on a piece using footage and reaction from a flyover of Terrebonne and Lafourche that we did with two local gentlemen, but this pesky oil disaster has kept us hopping. Hope to be able to get back to that soon. Seeing land loss from ground and water level is scary enough. But seeing it from the air is downright terrifying.

  5. Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. I hope you don’t mind – I will share this video with as many people as I can.

    1. Of course, Kelly, please do. I should have put this out there way before now. If you might have use for a hard copy to play in the office or for visitors, etc. I have one and can surely get more from Diane, the videographer. PS Did you get my email about the survey?

  6. This is a touching and wonderful video. Just think, when each of us shares it with friends and they share it and on and on, we can really get it to thousands. Good work.

      1. It is going to be the 22nd since my daughter in law had to work today and my daughter and her husband were celebrating their anniversary today. I have them ordered for next Saturday am delivery!

  7. Also, I’ve redone my blog, it’s an actual blog now 🙂 and I posted your video and have recommended your blog to a lot of folks, that might explain some of the visitors. The rest of the nation seems to be interested in us right now, it happens when a volcano of crude blows up in our backyard I guess. Go figure. Thanks again for speaking up for the wetlands, Wendy. I pray what we record here isn’t all that’s left for the future.

  8. The links are in the location (first word) if I got them from the paper. Mighty hard to see sometimes.

    1. That’s funny!!! I wondered while I was looking at your blog if any of my readers think “Bayou Child” might be the child of Bayou Woman!!! Well, you’re well on your way to being more than this BW!

      1. Mais no there is only one BW. Funny-I recently joined Facebook, and I ‘friended’ someone named Wendy Billiot that I presumed was you-was yakking away before I realized it wasn’t you. DOH!

  9. Well, friends, I just listened to this for the second time since it was created, and I must apologize. I’m not feeling very tenacious, and I did shed a couple tears. Please, please continue to distribute this link, will you? Here it is for you to copy and paste to your email lists. Would you mind doing that for all of us down here?


    Thank you all,

  10. Thank you for believing and speaking and sharing this powerful Truth…but difficult to hear, but REAL! Will continue to pass on to others!