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  1. Good for Termite! I am so happy he has found a calling that fits in with the legacy his parents have set before him. His older brothers have paved a path for him and I’m glad he is following it. I know how proud you are of all of the “kids” and rightly so! I will have to try this out, I am sure Bryce will love it.

  2. WooT! All that hard work and the women are all lining up for Termite.

    I didn’t know or remember if I did, that he was Seth.

    Good looking meal.

    • Well, I don’t know about all the women lining up, but he does have a serious girlfriend! No, I never used his real name before because he was a minor, but now that he’s 18, I decided it was okay to use his real name. He goes by his name . . . as I doubt he has told anyone of the nickname he earned for being such a, how shall I put this, such a tenacious child!

  3. Glad he’s happy with his career choice and he can also observe and learn more about cooking at the same time. EVERYONE should learn how to cook! I had a brother that was a cook offshore and another brother who said he wouldn’t get married till he could find someone who could cook and clean as well as he did.
    BTW, what name does he use on the boat? Seth or Termite?

    • Steffi, it’s not so much a career choice, as his older brothers told him he needed to get with the program and do something to pull his weight, and the money is pretty good for a kid starting out. At least he has stuck with this so far and has his sights set on a goal. That is a good thing! He goes by his given name, and as I said to Foamheart, I’m sure he hasn’t revealed his well-deserved nickname of Termite!

  4. I was sold on the recipe as soon as I saw the first ingredient!! BACON!!! If it has bacon, it is good. 🙂 And I believe every family member should know how to cook. I taught my kids the best I could and my son is a great cook and so is his daughter. My daughter sort of winged it and married a great guy who not only cooks but also cans and makes the best fudge around. She finally learned to cook pretty good too and one of her sons is a fantastic chef who goes thru my cookbooks. My problem is my husband can only cook pinto beans to mouth watering perfection. And if I put all the needed ingredients out along with a nonstick pan, he can hard fry an egg. 🙂 I had to cook after every one of my surgeries on the day I came home. No fun.

    Great recipe Termite and keep striving for that “wheel house” job. You’ll make it.

    • Ha! Yep. That’s what they say–everything is better with bacon! I was impressed that this is a method of making jambalaya I had never learned. Someone balked at the “bacon grease” in this recipe, but what they don’t realize is that the onions would have made the base using some sort of vegetable oil anyway! I do know that some bayou cooks start with salt meat instead of bacon, but it’s a different flavor and still requires an additional fat for the browning process. I’m sorry you had to cook after surgery . . if we were neighbors, I would have cooked for you!!!

  5. Awesome looking Jamba. All my major food groups. Chicken, Bacon, Andouille and Shrimp. And nice catch too Wendy! Brian

    • Great to hear from you, Ronnie! I hope the recipe turns out great for you! We really enjoyed it and ate all the leftovers next day–even better!

      • I have it all done except for the baking,had to triple the recipe as I am cooking for two APA 8 ball teams tonite for league pool and it tastes awesome. Tell termite thank you for me.

        • So, Ronnie, how did it turn out “tripled”. WOW! That had to be a super big post, and how did it fit in the oven. Oh, wait, did you do this in 3 different batches? My only fear in tripling in one post is that the rice wouldn’t cook evenly throughout!

          • It was awesome,I did it in one big dutch oven and when I put the rice in and brought it back to a boil I cut it off and let it set for a few hours before baking then baked 40 minutes at 400 to heat back up and finish cooking.

            • Wow! You sound like you know a thing or two about cooking! Are you a fireman? I’m not sure this is the Ronnie who has been following this blog for several years, is it? Well, regardless, you gave us a new tip on how to make this great recipe! So glad your crew liked it as much as we did! This week I made a huge pot of vegetable beef soup for these cold wait days . . . .

          • It is the same Ronnie,yes I am a Vol firefighter and Chief of our cite fire dept. In Nov it will be 40 years since my first call.A commercial fisherman by trade though and since the net ban in Fla mostly blue crabs and shedding softshells.

  6. My ex was a jack up boat captain and he did most of the cooking so I understand what you are saying! My mom never let my sister or I in the kitchen so we had to do what your sons are doing. When I cooked something new, I had to call her. But now I can cook as good as she does.
    Good job Termite!!! I’ll have to try this version.

    • Well, at least you learned, and I’m sure your mother was honored, right? Food is such a cultural and family bonding agent, that it really does carry on our heritage when we cook what our grandmothers and mothers cooked. I appreciate stories like yours, so thanks for taking the time to share!!! Hope you enjoy it!

  7. This looks fabulous. The nice thing is that its easily halved for a “smaller household.” And I’m interested in the absence of tomato — that’s a good thing, in my book. It’s not that I don’t like tomato based sauces, it’s just that they all can taste a good bit alike. (I know, I know. Chili and lasagne are pretty different. But still…)

    I used to know a women who gave up varnishing boats to go cook on a rig. After a while at that, she came back to Kemah and ran a cafe here for a few years. Now she’s sold it and moved on to other things, but her daughter and daughter-in-law still work there. The new owner is Greek, and they have some of the best Greek food in the area.

    I hope you’re having the same sunshine now that we are. It finally turned sunny yesterday, and it’s supposed to stay so until maybe Wednesday. Go out and look for the comet if it’s clear — Lovejoy. It’s just to the SE of Orion’s belt now.

    • It rained all day Thursday, so we got our crisp cold air and sunshine today. It was fabulous. Even the turtles were out on the logs today! Oh, and you can settle for using bacon grease (which all good southern cooks keep in a jar in the frig.) instead of bacon, and only add shrimp if you desire, or any or none of the meats. You can even use brown rice and just add more water based on the number of cups you use. Good bayou cooking, mmmmm good!

        • I love that! Mama had one, too, but I’ve got about 5 jars, LOL!! Everybody close to me knows if they need any, just come get a jar!!!

          • I keep my extra jars of bacon grease in the freezer until needed. Can’t cook good beans or cornbread without good bacon grease. Saving the grease from bacon is one reason I love to use the George Foreman grill. It lets all the grease drain down into the little catch pans that come with it. I slide one over when it fills and slide the 2nd in. I usually get about 2 of the pans per pounds of bacon. I have the large grill with all sorts of extras and I love it.

          • I could use some of that grease. We don’t cook bacon very often so my jar is EMPTY! However, I do have some “ends and pieces” wrapped in small portion sizes to season with in my freezer.

    • Louise, I answered you that day, but it didn’t post for some odd reason. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and the recipe is very good. Mrs. Coach made it and posted on FB how much she likes it. Termite is doing well, and thank you for thinking of him.

  8. I’ve been lurking a bit the past few weeks but just haven’t posted.

    I was truly saddened to hear that Blu lost his battle with the Big C. He will be missed.

    This jambalaya sounds really good. If we didn’t have bacon and onion, how would we cook anything?

    You’re lucky; most of the men around here haven’t a clue in the kitchen, my Hubby included. I’ve told him that he’ll be knee deep in trouble if something happened to me and all the fast food places shut down.

    Now, my Dad knew how to cook and both of his brothers do, too. Even to putting up jams, jellies and pickles and baking.

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