The Assorted Nuts Crack Up the Bayou! — 27 Comments

  1. Glad the “Nuts” had a productive trip. Just seeing the last photo, one gets the impression that they had a great time. In fact, I’ll bet they have a great time any place they go. Too bad y’all didn’t see “something” on the haunted road. That would have kept them in “remember when” stories for a while. If they’d ride that road with Hubby driving, they would have at least been scared. I’ve been in the passenger seat, in the daytime and he scared the ca-ca out of me!
    BW, thanks for the bookmark plug. I hope they enjoy them.

    • I intended to email you but I will tell you here. They LOVED the bookmarks, and one of them was really impressed with your handiwork saying that no one tats any more. So, I guess it must be a very old lost art, and I’m glad you are keeping it alive. You’d have thought I gave them a chain of gold when I handed them their bookmarks!!!!

      • Tatting? I haven’t seen anyone tatting since my great aunt passed. That woman could sit in a rocker on my Granny’s front porch, visiting and talking with whoever was out there and that shuttle would be just a-going. I found it fascinating to watch, esp since she never seemed to look at what she was doing.

        Way to go, Steffi. Keep that art alive. Are you passing it down to anyone?

        • Actually the bookmarks are a simple crochet pattern I made up using 4 different stitches. I have passed it on to my daughter (although she hasn’t made anything in about 10 years), and 3 of my granddaughters have shown an interest, but they want to learn in 30 minutes or less. Not gonna happe!
          Maybe one day I’ll sell them on Etsy or Ebay like my family has suggested. I must have 300 made with all different kinds of charms on them.

          • One lady asked me if it was crochet, but I was sure it was tatting. So, I need to make some corrections? I know nothing about this, as you can tell, so are the two totally different? I feel kinda, well, dumb : )

  2. Wonderful story. Glad your boat wasn’t down for the count so to speak. Those ladies look like they enjoy life to the fullest. It is great to have friends like that to share adventures with.

    • Yep, I think they have a blast wherever they go. I learned a lot from being with them over those couple of days just about being friends in good times and bad. The dynamics of those relationships were really fun to watch.

  3. As Head Nut…..WWW…Wonder Woman Walnut….we loved our adventure & our great host , Capt. CoCoNut. We are already planning our next trip to Bayou DeLarge. PPP (Pick-a-Party Peanut) did NOT leave peacefully. AND……..PPP (Plum Precious Pinenut) tried to steal all CoCo’s rods & reels as souveniers!!!!. I would say those 2 are hooked for life. After we left, on our many stops toward home, ….we were quite the hit in our matching shirts. Thanks so much for our shirts & everything you treated us to.
    Til next time, Super Thanks from all
    The Assorted Nuts

    • My only regret is that I was too busy removing fish and baiting hooks that I didn’t get any photos of you all holding your beautiful fish with my own camera. So, if someone has the gumption to email me photos of y’all holding fish, then I will add them to this post! This was a BWA I will never forget, and I truly hope y’all do come back again!

  4. Co Co Nut, we have been on many fun excursions with our head leader WWW, but this tops them all. I swallowed hook, line, and sinker. Can’t wait to return for more fishing pleasure with you and our crazy nutty group. Will go tomorrow to buy my fishing gear. Had a blast and you fit right in with our nuts. Pick a Party Peanut

    • I had a great time, too! Wait, wait, wait! What kind of gear are you buying? I don’t think they make rods with bling on them!!! When you come with me, you don’t need any gear! Maybe buy you some fashionable fishing clothes, LOL!!! So great hanging out with you and the other Nuts! Hope to see y’all before a year has passed!

  5. Very nice. how come you got no beer nuts?

    blu got beer nuts.

    Congrats where needed. I watched a little kid maneuver a batteau (sp?) with a 25 yammie like a pro this week. His Dad said he didn’t like how he did it and said he could do better. Rest is history.

    Getting cold here.

  6. It looks and sounds like a good time was had by all. The Assorted Nuts? I’ll bet they were a hoot! I love folks that can poke fun at themselves like that.

    Wish Dad was still up to traveling. A trip to Camp Dularge would have been right up his alley.

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