The Blessing of the Fleet

Where else can you walk out your front door and see a boat parade?

and why are they parading?

The lead boat carries the local clergy, who prays a blessing over every shrimp boat docked up and down the whole bayou in preparation for a bountiful White Shrimp Season, which opens in August.

There were boats of all colors . . .

all shapes . . .

and all sizes

And this one appears not to have a captain.  He was in the water beside his boat . . .  relieving himself . . . or repairing something, I’m not sure which!

And those who chose not to decorate their boats and join the parade, sat along the bayou bank enjoying a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon.

What went on in your neck of the woods today?


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  1. I remember riding in the parade one year when I was little with you.

    And how old are you now? LOL! That was a loooooong time ago, wasn’t it?

  2. B.W., you’ve lived down in S. La. long enough to know that just about everyone at one time or another has seen a boat parade in their front yard. The parade is usually followed by rainfall of 6″ or more. Ha Ha.

    Here’s something my church does that’s a little unusual, but similar to blessing the Fleet.
    We have an annual “Blessing Of The Backpacks”. Ours will be next wk. The children bring their school supplies to be blessed before the start of school. They place them at the altar for the blessing, it’s not done individually as with the boats. I’ve seen “The Blessing Of The Fleet” but it was a looooong time ago and at that other place that has the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival.

  3. Can you please give a little more background on this White Shrimp Season?….Thanks

    Uh huh! I knew that was coming! I just cast that carrot waaaaaay out in front of you, didn’t I? I’ll be posting a little more info. after I wash the roofing dust off my feet, oh and the rest of my body, too!

  4. Um……is that a plastic fish on those two traffic cones in the last picture? Can’t quite make out what it is. My laptop screen is small! Love the colors on the boats.

    I wondered if anyone would notice that fish and ask. That, my dear, is a garfish that Bayou Fabio “taxidermied” all by himself. And yes, it sits atop orange cones, letting everyone who passes know that they have just passed the Garfish Dock!