The concrete trucks have landed!

Concrete truck

This is the first of 4 trucks and about 20 cubic yards that were poured under the house.

Concrete chute

Mr. S directs the chute, as the driver sends concrete down the chute.  As soon as it’s on the ground,

Pulling concrete

Mr. S and his helper use rakes to pull it across the ground to the far side of the foundation.  This was the best way to reach the far side since the truck could not drive around the house.  They have to work quickly.

Shaping concrete

Next helper number two uses a trowel to blend the edges of the concrete and shape it around the posts, making sure the gaps are filled.

Smoothing concrete

Then he uses this big swiffer looking thing and smooths the surface of the concrete.

Concrete foundation

Here’s what the underneath of the house looked like late this afternoon.

Concrete driveway

Another 7 cubic yards was poured into the driveway section that was in bad shape.  It looks better, and if I had more funds, I would have done the whole driveway.  That’s another huge project!

Concrete project

Here’s a view of the front of the house.  Keep in mind that the concrete was just poured and spread at this point and not totally “finished”.  When I left them at 7:30 tonight, they were working under the headlights of their truck smoothing it out, texturing it, and putting all the finishing touches on the slab.  I will go back in the morning and take new photos of the progress.

Can’t wait to see the finished slab!


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    1. Yes, and interesting you should be thinking that because out on the lake today I was thinking of the different cultural things I want to offer at the “Becoming a you know what” weekends and I thought dancing under the house would be GREAT!!!! More later.

  1. LOL that swiffer looking thingy is a bull float!!! LOL but thats a GREAT comparison my friend!!! LOL I am so happy for you that it is finished!!! what a project you have had on your hands!!!!

  2. Will y’all be dancing around the boilin and fryin pots? Don’t forget to use a “S” hook so the 5′ swings can be taken down to make more room for the dancing. Appears to me there is enough room on your lot for a camper hookup. HINT, HINT!