The Cypress Cottage aka Camp Dularge — 7 Comments

  1. If I wasnt about 9 weeks from having a baby, I would be on my way BABY!!!!! LOL I LOVE to rip things apart and put them back together!!!

    Oh, a baby! How grand! I’m sorry you can’t come because the back storage roof has to be demolished!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to come down for a good long visit once I get Fiddler and Gypsy squared away for the summer!

    And just ask RenRed how I handle a tiller!

  3. Lovely, BW. What a great project. And hey, I’m a West Virginia WATS chapter member! We got girls with tools here too.

    Your Mother’s Day looks like it was a very good day. I only got to see one of my 5 sons, but that’s okay. All are well and that’s all I can ask for.

    It was wonderful even though my two oldest boys were missing! I love it that you are a WATS member!!!! That is so cool! When you coming down?

  4. At this point I will be greedy with any details….stay tuned….the results will be AWESOME!

  5. I love before-and-after projects with pictures!
    FUn Fun

    I hope to keep them coming—after I do some more work, that is!

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