The dining room is almost finished! — 7 Comments

  1. We estimate the wood to be around 300 or more years old. I know that sounds unreal but these trees are very large. If you go back to some of BW’s posts where the Miller is standing by the tree, you will see how massive they are. In fact the post I’m talking about, the tree was 70 feet in length! Look at June 1 post. Do you agree?

  2. I don’t know much about pecky. It seems like you can see the wall through some of the holes in the boards. Will you eventually paint? or leave natural? Am I missing the point?
    Tell me more. (I’ve read the june 1 post, so I get where it comes from.)

  3. No! No paint on the pecky wood! It’s splendid, really wonderful. I know how proud you are to have it. I love the flow of the beadboard. I think you should stain it instead of painting it. Nice fridge, too.

  4. Having had a home maintenance business for 20 yrs, and doing more painting than anything else……LEAVE the cypress as is and repaint the bead board.
    I’ve stripped bead board before. It’s a tremendous amount of man hrs and very messy also. I’ts almost impossible to get all the paint out of the seam between the plank and the bead. Then it had to be sanded, stained and sealed. The wood looked wonderful, but it would have been less expensive to put new bead board up.

  5. Whew! Y’all are making me soooooo tired with all this talk of stripping, sanding, painting, and on and on! Stand by for some new pics! And hopefully a post to clear up the mystery and intent of pecky cypress on the walls!

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