The Duckless Days of November — 15 Comments

  1. Well you need them DCCDC’s I got this morning after that. Tell me a gallinule tastes better than a coot. White beans on the burner. Yeah I got the teakettle on too. Plan on Red Stick arrival Friday am. Working days has my travel plans in a quandry.

    Land them, T. At least no pix of sky busting. Lot of that up in the tundra.

  2. wendy..great to see you and termite saturday…sorry he did not fill his bag of ducks..but thats what keep people going back for more..oh and get tyou some camoflage…help the boy out..


  3. I’m happy to see the check list was put to use. I’m sure Termite was happy to see the photo of him “calling the ducks in” with his DUCK CALL! LOL!
    How will the Gallinule be cooked?

    Dotter, buy (or have Termite buy) your mom some Cammo for Christmas. Can’t have denim messing up a hunt!

  4. Not a big fan of the hunting thing, but can appreciate the challenge in it. Prefer to shoot ducks with my D-60. But then again, I think that’s just cause I got some unfortunate hunting memories like shooting Doc Smith with my grandfather’s pellet gun on a pheasant hunt and having my father miss all of my formative birthday’s since it just happened to fall the day before opening of deer season in the Great Lakes state. I do enjoy camo, however. Termite looks pretty spiffy decked out in all that gear. And now the church bells are signaling that it’s time to get ready for this day and the distant gunfire must be signaling that safe light has arrived.

  5. No birds at our house either. So far duck season here in NE Oklahoma has panned out to be nothing more than a way to pass the day until the football game comes on that evening.

  6. Saturday, 4 blinds 10 birds. Enough for a great camp supper. Sunday 1 as in one bird. Conditions are lousy right now. You need some camo cloth to cover up the boat. Your blind is pretty wide and the birds will look in it. Do you hunt close to the Dulrage Hunting club? I use to hunt just off of the first canal on the right. Went all the way to the back and just jumped the levee. After someone put a hole in the levee by Lake Decade the hunting went south. Hunt closer to the camp. DU feeds the ducks pretty well up north so they don’t come here until the water freezes.

    • Hey Moon! I didn’t know you read my blog!!! At least, I think I know who this is! Termite is learning from his mistakes. That was the boat he used on day one because the mud boat was not working. The second day, we took the mudboat, but it’s still pretty wide open. I’m not going to tell him what to do, though, because he’s 13 and he knows everything!!!! Thanks for the suggestions, though! BW

  7. yea it’s me. stop by the camp when you are in the area and you see the flag flying. Laura is usually with me. Found this site by accident looking for something else yours popped up.

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