The fruits of my labor

Roving ReporterRemember a few weekends ago I played roving reporter down at three coastal communities southeast of my home bayou? Well, you can read the fruits of my labor in the Travel section of the Baton Rouge Advocate.

I wrote the article sitting at the kitchen bar in a gorgeous camp while I was down there on that Saturday.  So, thanks to the Carters for their generosity and the inspirational surroundings.   And thanks to Choup for setting it all up!

Be back soon!


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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Before we all know it you’ll be writing for some national publication and have a few more books published. You’re an inspiration to more than just me, I’m sure.

  2. Saw you listed on Ken Wells site. Suppose you’ll be more of a Legend some day??? I know its hard to stomach but they refer to me as ‘The Legend’ at work. Scarfing Jambalaya from swimp sausage from Golden Meadow, it rocks.

  3. blufloyd, Is that “Andy’s” Shrimp Sausage? If it is, I totally agree…it rocks. BW, I finally got around to reading your article today. Yesterday Hubby set that section of the paper to the side, and I didn’t even know it was in there till I was picking up this morning. Are you writing for any other publications at present? We’re hungry for more.

  4. Well, y’all, considering this is the third year I do that little piece for the Advocate and they haven’t paid me yet for this one, your praise might be a little over the top!!! LOL!!! I am working on a superdeedooper blog post for y’all and that’s what matters most, right?

  5. I disagree, the most import thing is that you continue writting. Must of us would give our right arm to be able to write like you do. You may stuggle to edit, but we struggle to be able to put two cognative sentences together! I think it’s nice for us and good for you to be diverse in your writting. Blogging is one thing, news articles is another, and both exercises make excellent writting skills into those books we are all waiting to buy!!! The article was wonderfully professional and inspired the reader to load up their wagons with the kids and head on down LA 1 with what ever adventures and opportunities they may find.