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  1. Sounds like y’all had a good time even if the gumbo was terrible! Do you EVER go to N.O. and NOT have Shrimp w/ grits? BTW, Did I tell you Rouse’s is going to build a store about 7 miles from me. When I go into Baton Rouge it will be on my route. Once I get on the highway into B.R., the only turn I’ll have to make is into the parking lot. Other than the band, how are the N.O. and Houma stores different?

    • Well, I can’t pass up the shrimp and grits at Cafe Amelie!!! None compare, in my opinion! The French Quarter Rouse’s is much smaller, really crowded, is very old and just has a different atmosphere. Also focuses on items like French Market and Cafe du Monde coffee beans, etc.

  2. The Shrimp and Grits I had were the BEST EVER and I am hooked forever! I can’t wait to do this again. It was so much fun to watch our ‘special’ friend be in New Orleans for the first time ever and having a reaction like a child in Disney land! It was amazing! So much to see, so much good food to eat, so much history, so MANY PEOPLE (but then it was spring break, duhhh) Just a wonderful world down there full of wonderful people. There is nothing like South Louisiana Folk! And the coffee! WOW! Best coffee ever!!! Thank you for a wonderful time.

    • I believe we could have a good time anywhere we go, but this was really special since it was her first time, AND we got to see our friend, Chuck, get married!!!!! And meet his new bride and his children!

  3. Well my pastors’ daughter got married at the royal sonesta in the courtyard. They too did the walk in the ” second line.” I was not able to go, but i would have loved it . MY husband hates NO so i don’t get to go. I just put their pics on my timeline. I am glad you all had a good time, but i’m jealous. NOT REALLY!

    • You just need three girlfriends to go with you, a little advance planning to keep you out of trouble, and off you go!!! We felt very safe everywhere we walked in the daylight.

    • I guess it was a holiday, of sorts, even though it was just two nights and only 90 minutes from home! I think if we make a point to see something new each time, then it’s worth the trip! This time, though, the wedding was our main reason for going, and we just adding some icing to that cake!

  4. What a wonderful travelogue! I love the courtyards and balconies in New Orleans – and the addition of the Faulkner house just made me smile and smile!

    Apparently I need to add shrimp and grits to my to-be-tried list. Never had it. I’m not fond of grits, at least the way they usually show up on a breakfast plate. But I’ve heard there’s such a thing as cheese grits, and now this doesn’t sound too bad. One of these days!

    I noticed something else, too. There are a lot of skinny women in those photos. I don’t think I can go to NOLA until I get skinny(er). I’m working on it!

    • The grits are typically a little courser grind, and then they are cooked with milk, the whole length of time it takes to make them extra creamy, and THEN some restaurants use cheese grits for the base of their shrimp dish. Still, to me, Cafe Amelie makes the best, but theirs is different in that they add something like maque choux (corn soup) on top!!! Okay, let’s not talk about skinny! I was definitely the fat girl this weekend, so come as you are, girlfriend, LOL!!! (Can you imagine boutique dress shopping with a size 0, size 2, and size 6? Uh, yeah, get over it!) Oh, and I thought about you the entire time I was at Faulkner House. The manager let me get a photo of the photo book you referenced. I think she said the price was $500? It stays in a locked case. I guess so!

  5. I know there’s gonna a bunch of boiling pots in use tomorrow down on da Bayou. It’s just gonna be Hubby and me, so after church we’re going out to eat. All our children are working, so thier spouses the grandchildren will be with thier families. Happy Easter Cher!

  6. Hey Happy Easter, wonder if that invite holds for me? Maybe not?

    Trying for cabin on Lake Concordia just before my birthday.

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