The Great Blue Heron

Why do the

Great blue heron

Fly away when

I get close by?

They must think

That my camera

Will shoot them

And make them die!


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  1. I don’t have my copy of “The Yearling”—did Jody witness the dance of the herons or sand cranes? These are beautiful pics BW!

    1. Just figured out why my replies haven’t been getting through. I typed out a response to your question this a.m. (which didn’t appear) about the Herons flying off. So here goes…Ya got to use the trolling motor. You should know that from fishing. That bird was looking at her next meal and you ran in there and scattered it. She flew off in disgust and “cussin” you. LOL! Actually, I KNOW BW wouldn’t do something so rude and unsporting. Doesn’t matter if it’s birding or fishing.

  2. Flop a kayak on the ‘tooner then sneak up on them. Those water level shots of gator eyes ought to be cool too. Egrets and herons grouping up here.
    Here’s a thing I been observing. White egrets can snatch fish in hover mode. Herons not so lucky.

    Come on, where’s those other wading birds?

    Been pondering getting some ‘cement’ pelicans for Big Pink.

    1. BW wants some cement pelicans. What’s Big Pink got that I haven’t got? LOL! I do not care to ever get close to a gator in my kayak, thank you very much. What? I focus on one bird for a specific reason, because they are abundant right now, and you clamor for something else. Dang it. I can never make everybody happy.

  3. Ok I am going over to the home of the ‘cement’ goose next weekend. They got everything. Well maybe not Choup’s fave dolphin but a lot. I got an intarsia heron. That will be your word for tonight.

    1. I don’t have to look it up. My father did intarsia, and even made his own patterns. I’m wondering if you have a true intarsia or just a wood inlay. And where did you get it? I’d like to see it. Photo, perhaps?

  4. Fantastic shots! I love the 2nd and the last one. In the 2nd photo, are those wild elephant ears growing around the tree trunk?

    1. Thanks for the compliments, but these are pretty much done “on the fly” and not as good as they could be! And yes, those are wild elephant ears. The further fresh you go, the more there are.

    1. Welcome to Bayou Woman, Martha, and thanks for the kind words. Come back any time and meet the great people who visit here! We have lots of fun when BW posts something interesting!!

      Where IS that Bayou Woman?

  5. To snap a great blue heron,
    you’ve got to be quite daring!
    And sneak up quietly, like a mouse
    (or “petite souris” here in the south).
    Kill that motor! “Paddle, Termite”!
    Grab the camera, focus just right…
    Alas, she flies! She glides on by.
    Maybe next time, shutterfly.


  6. When I re-read my little impromptu poem, I have to laugh at how cheesy it is! I don’t think Dr. Middleton would classify it as some of my better work! *lol*