The Great Flood of 2016 — 8 Comments

  1. How could anyone be that heartless to those who had nothing? Why didn’t/doesn’t the governor step in and let the school stay a center for those who need it?

    I am a firm believer of karma and they will receive it eventually. Thanks to you and all who are helping those who are in such despair. I found out night before last that a distant relative is one who lost so much including the special, motorized wheelchair and van.

    • Yes, isn’t that horrible? Your relative certainly needs help! Neither Janet nor I can understand the red tape and road blocks to her much needed help. Liability in this litigious society is all I can figure.

  2. What happened to you and Janet in Denham Springs is exactly what happened to my son and a crew of 15 in the same city. They’d been collecting vendors, cooking and distributing food for a week at a shelter when FEMA shut them down. The Air Force and National Guard helped them move to the adjacent parking lot, where they set up again. Then the service men began helping the infirm from next door walk over to get food. Even supplying needed plates and utensils they weren’t allowed to use from the shelter. FEMA is feeding them with MRE’s instead of hot, cooked meals from people who just want to help the stranded folks who are scared and miserable.

    They have more trailers loaded with everything imaginable still coming in every day.

    Thank you for all you do, Wendy. Hugs and kisses.

    • Tell Zach I send much love to him and his friends for their efforts. I’m sure Janet appreciates it too, since DH is her hometown!

  3. Thanks for telling a few stories that we probably won’t see on the national media. I don’t understand FEMA shutting down places that are helping.

  4. One of my husbands co-workers retired a few years back and was working for FEMA after the devastating tornado that wiped out so much of Norman, OK and Oklahoma City and everything in between. He said they were told to haul anything and everything to a designated spot and the people who lived in the areas were not allowed to go in to try to salvage anything. He and his wife also worked part of the flooded areas when New Orleans flooded. They said it was so bad they had to quit because FEMA and others didn’t know A from Z and things were not getting done that needed to be done and the victims were paying the price.

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  6. It’s time to do the drawing for the Louisiana Fish Fry box meals from the previous post. Using to generate a number between 1 and 13, the number generated is . . . . 2. Going back to the comments on the previous post, commenter number two would be Steffi! I know you’re a very good cook, so do you want these box mixes? Big smile! Just let me know via email where to send them, please.

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