The New Look

Welcome to the new look!

This is how the blog looked from 2007 until now . . .

Welcome to Bayou Woman's New Look

And today I present you with the new look, and  I’m so excited to share the new changes with you, I can hardly stand it!

You will find great new organizational features which will make navigating the site easier.  

There are new ways to Search by Category and a Recipe Index in the right sidebar.

There is an Events Calendar in the left sidebar. To use, click on Calendar, once the page opens, click on a month, then click an event to see all the pertinent details.  (Then you can make your plans to come down!) 

Most of the Main Menu tabs are self-explanatory, but don’t be afraid to check them out, because many of those pages have been updated.

Under the About tab, you can now read the story of how I came to be here, chapter by chapter.  

And check out that Cooking tab!  Your wish is my command.  You can now find all the BW recipes organized by category.  Before you get excited about that, go ahead and click on one of those recipes and see that the recipes are now available on cards that can be printed. Many thanks to LilSis for working her fingers to the bone designing and tweaking the recipes for us!

Under the Publications tab, you can now easily watch TV shows and videos about Life in the Louisiana wetlands, as well as view lists of and links to articles written about me and by me.

To those of you who have been here from the beginning:  Thanks for being faithful followers, and you will be happy to see that the comments are once again easily found at the end of each post.

To those of you who are fairly new here:  Thanks for coming, and feel free to visit the Browse by Category sidebar, where you can find archived posts according to topic. 

To those of you who landed here by chance: Please come in and sit a spell.  We love visitors on the bayou, and we hope you come back often!

We will be tweaking a few more minor things in the coming days, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to reveal the new look to you.

I invite you to spend some time looking around, and I really hope you enjoy the adventure of navigating the new look.

Now, click away to your heart’s content!  (And as always, we welcome feedback in the Comments section.)



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  1. I stopped by earlier today to print out the Redneck Gumbo recipe. It was snowing here like crazy and I wanted something warm and filling for tonights meal. Unfortunately, after I printed it, I couldn’t find the sausage!! 🙁 Settled for a big pot of homemade soup with cornbread.

    I do like the new site. It was so easy to find the recipe. Looks great.

    1. Oh no!! No sausage!! I’m sure the soup was good. I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately, too, not only because it’s cold, but because I have my second bad cold since Christmas. 🙁 I’m glad you like the new setup and that you were able to print the recipe without trouble! And thanks for being here after all these years, Cammmy!

      1. I hit the grocery store today and now, I have the sausage & shrimp. Even splurged on lobster tails @ $3.99 each!! We are going to be eating high on the hog this coming week. 🙂

  2. Dagnabit… I hate math and now I have to do it to post a comment! If I didn’t have fingers and toes, I couldn’t count. lol

    Oh, well, it’s good practice, I guess, and it foils the bots.

    I have poked around a little bit and I like the new look. I imagine that you do have a few things that you still want to tweak but you’ll get there.

    The site is easy to navigate, too.

    I’m feeling a little perkier today, though still a bit limp. How’s yourself? Any better?

    I’ve got a favour to ask. I am looking for a recipe for sweet potato dinner rolls (not biscuits, loaf bread or pancakes). My aunt emailed me to ask if I had Granny’s recipe for them. Her youngest daughter wants it and they’ve been ransacking their recipe files, to no avail.

    I’m not surprised; Granny didn’t have written recipes. Everything was in her head.

    I do remember those rolls. They were divine. All I know about them is that Granny told me that she added some baked and strained sweet potato to the dough. I do remember that she’d have the dough in a bowl and she would put it in the icebox at one point. I think it was towards the end of the process but I don’t know if it was part of the process or if she just did that until she was ready to form the rolls.

    I have a vivid memory of her kneading the dough and using her fingers to pinch off bits, rolling it in her hands and packing them into a very large, rectangular baking pan, about 3 inches deep. They’d come out about 3 inches tall and golden in colour. They were slightly sweet, which I assume was from the sweet potatoes.

    I’ve browsed a bit online and there are recipes out there but none of them ring a bell, as far as sounding like what my Granny used to make. Nor have any of them looked like hers, in the illustrations.

    While I recommended that my aunt try a few other family members who might have the same recipe from their mothers or grandmothers, I thought I’d shout out online. Someone out there is bound to have something!

      1. Thanks for the tip, Cammy. I’ll check out Emeril’s recipes. Obviously, it’s going to have to come from a Deep South cook. I can’t imagine that too many Northerners would bake rolls with sweet potato in them!

        I’ve already told my aunt that, if we can get a few recipes together, she and her daughter will just have to experiment with them until they find the one closest to what we remember. I’m not much of a baker but if I was, I probably would have had something in my recipe file long before now.

        1. Cammy, I found Emeril’s recipe and it seems very close to what I remember. There’s a few minor differences. I might have eventually run across it, while doing internet searches but you made the process much faster. Thanks!

    1. Look at that! You got a suggestion already! I’ve never eaten a sweet potato roll, but potato rolls are one of our favorites for special meals. So, I was thinking if you can’t find specifically sweet potato rolls, why not use the potato roll recipe and add sweet potato? Well, good luck, and thanks for browsing. By the way, if you noticed something on the site glaringly wrong, please email me what you think needs tweaking, because it’s to the point I might not see the trees for the forest! Glad you’re on the mend. I slept from 8 last night until 5:30 this morning. Much needed, I guess.

  3. Got back in town this afternoon just in time to leave again to watch one of the grandson’s soccer games, got back and cooked/ate supper then sat down to read emails(87), then finally ended up here. I’m shot…will navigate the “New Look” tomorrow! I like what little I’ve seen so far.

    1. Out to the right of your comment box is a little addition problem. Put the correct answer in the box so the software knows you are a real person and not a SPAM bot. sorry for this added step, but it’s necessary now with this new format. You must have figured it out, because your comments are here, LOL!!!!

  4. Hi BW
    I am one of your lurkers, been reading for several years. Love the new header, so pretty and “springy”. Have not commented before, but do love to read about what you are doing. Loved Gladys Taber and Ms. Rawlings writings, read many of their books. Looking forward to reading your book when it comes out, too. There are lots of us out here reading away so don’t get discouraged when you don’t hear from everyone!

    1. Welcome (our of the woodwork!) to the bayou, MaryK! Your words made my day! Heck! They made my entire weekend. Glad you like the new header photo. I’m going to try to keep up with the season using my photos. You’ve read Gladys Taber? How cool is that? Those books are so old, most ladies I know have never heard of her . . . she’s funny! I bet she and her sister were two hoots back in the day! Well, I’m so glad you came out of the woodwork to say a few words. I’m super thrilled to have you and very, very grateful that you’re reading my rantings and wanderings! Grat hearing from you, MaryK! (Are you in Louisiana?)