The Oyster — 12 Comments

  1. My “artistic” images have dried up on Meau. At first I’m thinking muscular arms (those little boogers are hard to shuck sometimes) then I continued to read. Meau goes through so many changes before he makes it to 350 degree cooking oil and my plate.
    Who’s next? Just give us a name. Maybe we can we figure out the next creature. BTW, put me down for 3 autographed books once it’s published.

  2. I am really enjoying this! Keep it up.

    And thank the Lord that spill has stopped for now and may he keep that lid on!

  3. Most of us who grew up around here wait until the water cools off in the fall before we eat oysters unless they are fried or in a good stew,just now fat enough in the summer for me and I like em raw with just a splash of Crystal the best.

  4. I’m enjoying this. Lifestyles of the Shrimp and Oysters.

    You could be writing about our marshlands here in SC. Basically the same environments and critturs.

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