The rooster's name is EARL! — 9 Comments

  1. Earl Grey stop that! has a much better ring to it than Beauregard stop that! lol When choosing an animal name it helps to holler it a couple of times to see if you can sufficiently get your point across. That’s also how I named my children. 🙂

    • That’s how myhusband tested every name we put forth for our son, only Nate used a different term. He’d say

      “Dammit, Robert.” or Dammit, John.”

      The winner was “Dammit, Garrett.” Luckily, Garrett turned out to be a great kid and we seldom had to resort to “Dammit, Garrett.”

      Earl Grey is a great name. Hope the other critters don’t tease him by nicknameing him “Tea-Boy.” :.>)

      • OH MY GOSH, DEBORAH!!!! You are a GENIUS!! I LOVE IT!!! Earl Grey has a nickname, too!! It’s T-boy!!! And you know that is a very, very common nickname down here, right? Oh, that just started my day off right! Off to Facebook with this one.

  2. I thought her name was Grey Girl. I like Earl Grey and Grey Girl a lot. Earl and Girl. Those are both imminently hollerable. Of course, I’d probably spell it “Gherl.”

  3. My head can’t wrap around a red chicken type thing named gray.

    Now blu I might figure out but gray? Stop eating those mardis gras beads….

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