The rooster's name is EARL!

Thank y’all so much for your time in helping pick a name for this rooster.

You’ve chosen two finalists, and now it’s time to pick the final name.

Which will it be?

Nameless Rooster

This poll closed at 2 p.m. Central Time!

So, for those of you who tried to sneak a vote in after 2, sorry about your luck.

The rooster is no longer nameless.

It was close, but Earl Grey is the winner!

You can call him Earl, if you want to!

Lady Grey and Earl Grey.

Grey Girl and Earl!

Take your pick!

Thank y’all for voting!


Whew!  I’m glad that’s over with.


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  1. Earl Grey stop that! has a much better ring to it than Beauregard stop that! lol When choosing an animal name it helps to holler it a couple of times to see if you can sufficiently get your point across. That’s also how I named my children. 🙂

    1. That’s how myhusband tested every name we put forth for our son, only Nate used a different term. He’d say

      “Dammit, Robert.” or Dammit, John.”

      The winner was “Dammit, Garrett.” Luckily, Garrett turned out to be a great kid and we seldom had to resort to “Dammit, Garrett.”

      Earl Grey is a great name. Hope the other critters don’t tease him by nicknameing him “Tea-Boy.” :.>)

      1. OH MY GOSH, DEBORAH!!!! You are a GENIUS!! I LOVE IT!!! Earl Grey has a nickname, too!! It’s T-boy!!! And you know that is a very, very common nickname down here, right? Oh, that just started my day off right! Off to Facebook with this one.

  2. I thought her name was Grey Girl. I like Earl Grey and Grey Girl a lot. Earl and Girl. Those are both imminently hollerable. Of course, I’d probably spell it “Gherl.”

  3. My head can’t wrap around a red chicken type thing named gray.

    Now blu I might figure out but gray? Stop eating those mardis gras beads….

    1. Well, I guess for the guy chickens, the name has nothing to do with color. If it did, I would have named him Gros Rouge, hands down. Howz the sac-au-lait?

  4. Well, I’m still in favor of Beauregard, Beau for short. Beau-boy or BB for even shorter. If I ever get another rooster, maybe I’ll name him that!