TiDu (tee doo) the Herd Dog!

Once upon a time, there was a little mutt puppy born right before a big hurricane.  Her family had to pack up and leave, and so the little puppy went with them.  When the family returned to their home, it was time for the little puppy to leave her family and go live with a new family.  Her new family loved her and even let her sleep in their bed.  She didn’t have to share her covers with the other puppies any more.

Her new family soon got a big red puppy named Butch.  Butch was nice, but he played rough, and most of the time TiDu got hurt.  Butch grew bigger and bigger, and he could jump in the bayou, and swim far, and retrieve things.

But TiDu could not.  Poor TiDu.  Tried as she might, she could not understand commands like “sit” or “fetch” or even the easiest command of all “stay”.

At least the hurricane kittens seemed to like her, even though she couldn’t understand what their meows meant.

TiDu’s favorite thing to do was nap, so she and the kitties got along quite well.

She even shared her chair with Figaro, the last of the hurricane kittens.

Once TiDu had figured out that her sole purpose in life was to act like a cat and take naps all day long, life seemed pretty good  . . . .

until the day . . . .

this thing showed up in her yard!

She growled, “What are you and what do you want here?”

The pig snorted, “I’m a pig and you can call me Pot Likker!  I’m looking for something good to eat.”

“Whoa!” shouted TiDu as she ran away from the pig.  “You can’t eat me!  I’m just a puppy!  Besides, you smell weird!”

At that moment, TiDu’s owner rushed outside clapping her hands and yelling at Pot Likker to shoo and go home.  And then she yelled at her, “CHASE IT, TiDu, CHASE IT!”

And somehow, TiDu knew EXACTLY what that meant!

She ran after that pig, lickety split, like she had been herding swine her whole little life.

Poor Pot Likker tucked tail and ran, squealing, “Wee wee wee!”  all the way home.  TiDu’s owner praised her and gave her a treat.

TiDu, proud of herself but tired from her task, jumped on her favorite napping chair, fell sound asleep, and dreamed of being the best cat-loving-pig-herding puppy on the bayou.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed this little tale.  I jokingly say that TiDu is short for Ti Dufus because she’s not the smartest dog around.  But now, I think it’s short for Ti Dutiful!!!!


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  1. Loved it! Title for your new childrens’ book; “TiDu and the Potbelly Pig”. The title alone could put it on the New York Times bestseller list! Had a 1/2 Chihuahua & 1/2 Rat Terrier named “Wheezy”; got him to sleep with one my 5 brothers that had asthma to take it away; hence the name Wheezy. We came up with the name long before the Jeffersons. Ought to sue for trademark infringement! Who else has a pet story.

  2. TiDu is precious! Reminds me of my little one who cannot do very much but brings so much love and joy to our lives.

    1. Hey Martha! How did you find me? I’m looking at your email address and thinking you must be local? Either way, welcome down the bayou and thanks for leaving a comment to boot!

  3. Oh TiDu you are so special. I just had to respond. Coming to New Iberia to visit our daughter, her hubby and 6 mos old baby. Will be there Feb 10 – 17, so will be able to see a Mardi Gras parade. I’m excited to be there that week. Where are you from New Iberia?
    JoLynn in Minnesota

    1. Hi Jolynn! No, I’m not in New Iberia . . . southeast of there about 90 miles maybe. Below Houma. I hope you have a great time at the parade! Just don’t let any beads hit you in the head!

  4. TiDu knew when to protect her food! Our Boxer would have ran behind you and nudged your legs toward the pig but she wouldn’t have gone near it! If the cows are in the east pasture you have to go outside with her to do her business because she’s scared of them.

  5. Too funny! Reminds me of the pig that greeted me running down the middle of Hwy 57 straight at my vehicel upon my arrival in Terrebonne Parish, except I think it was about six times bigger than that. Let’s just say that was a definite culture shock moment for me, but just the first of many I guess during my tour of duty on de bayou.

    1. Yes, but she is the dumbest mutt I’ve ever seen. My daddy always said they were the smartest dogs, but I talked to the family who gave us this puppy and they said the sibling puppies are dumb, too. It’s a family trait! LOL!

  6. Good one BW! Our “Used” dog (4 yr. old mixed breed we acquired) loves to irritate our 11 yr. old cat. The only thing they (sometimes) share is a 5’x8′ rug. I’ll have to make sure the grandchildren see this. They’ll love this story. Especially the boys! I can already hear them cackling about Pot Likker.

      1. Nope, sure didn’t. Wonder what kind of wildlife will show up in your yard on coming Sundays? First it was that stupid rooster, then the pig… As long as it’s not a bobcat, I think you’re good.

  7. Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm bacon. Got 2 of those pigs down at end of street.
    One must be 18 years old now. Funny zoning makes it possible in village.

    Canada is coming back and maybe Rob too.

      1. Well blufloyd, at least BW didn’t ask (or infer) if you were the Village idiot. Couldn’t resist. LOL!!

  8. Just goes to show, every puppy has a purpose, some just take a bit longer to figure it out. I agree, it just needs a nice cover.

  9. Cute story! TiDu is a cute little dog. Hope she keeps that pig away from your yard now that the house is going up. They sure can destroy the ground by rooting and make it dangerous to walk thru an area. Especially toting boards, etc.

    Blufloyd, you mentioned bacon and my mouth watered! But, an 18 yr old hog isn’t bacon, that’s JERKY!! LOL

  10. Another great kids story! Like I said, you could have a shelf full! Some dogs may not be as stupid as they act. They just think about things differently than we do.

    1. Thanks, Kim! You over there in Hawaii and us over here freezing. I’m so envious! How about this? I’ll just write them, print them, put them in a binder and put it on the shelf. How’s that?

      1. The binder and shelf thing will be good for awhile. There’s so many possible children’s and adult books that could come from your writings and your photos.

  11. Great story – I smiled all the way through and wished I had a kid around to read it with.

    But TiDu doesn’t come close to dumb. “Dumb” was the beagle who lived across from us in Iowa – he always was traipsing over to help us “capture” the fire hydrant. He’d hold point forever, staring at that hydrant with his tail up and foot crooked until his owner walked over, picked him up and toted him home.

    His name was Happy, and he seemed to be, despite everything!

        1. No I am not from USM. Just a Mississippi girl. My son graduated fromUSM. I will have to ask him what that means. I answered BW question in an e-mail but will repeat found this blog last year looking for fig perserves recipe and have lurked several times since then. Great Blog BW

  12. Dog story hour? My old weim, aja, disturbed but intelligent dog taught herself how to lift a leg to pee on trees. Boy dogs weren’t showing her up.

    Had a beagle once that thought guns were for rookies. It was rare to get a shot off at a bird or rabbit. She just grabbed them.

  13. Someone mentioned their dog was afraid of pigs or cows. I can top that one. I had a gorgeous, black tom cat that was scared to death of mice/rats! I opened the pantry one day and one was sitting in it and jumped out. That blasted cat hit the front door ahead of me!!!! And, I am terrified of them! Took me all day and half the night to coax him from under the house! And that was after my husband and kids chased the rat out thru the door!

    1. Oh my gosh, Cammy, I can just picture that comical scene. I wonder what happens to make an animal so cowardly when it’s supposed to be genetic to chase a mouse or rat? Cute story, thanks!

      1. I asked my vet and he asked me if I was scared of them? I told him yes and he informed me that pets mimic their owners/pickup on their owners feelings.

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