Time for a Contest!

I’m calling it a contest rather than just a giveaway, because I’m going to make you work for it. Certainly you remember the old saying, “anything worth having is worth working for” right?

If you’re new here, I’ll provide an interlink that will bring you up to speed on the background of this prize and give my faithful followers a refresher.

As you veterans will recall, my artistic friend Kim came down this past April and met Bayou Fabio.  Bayou Fabio shared his wealth of garfish scales with her, and she went home to New Mexico and worked her little dremel fingers to the bone designing fantastic necklaces, earrings, and bracelets out of these bone-like scales.

The end results are nothing short of amazing . . .

This is the set you will be playing for, and she made it especially for this contest and for you.


1)Answer three questions correctly on this blog

2)Then follow the links I provide and answer another two questions over on Kim’s Burro Mounts Art blog, which I will also provide the link to.

3)You will be able to see other people’s answers, so please don’t copy.   Each person who answers correctly and follows all the rules will then be entered into a drawing for this beautiful set on Sunday night or Monday morning (if we have enough entrants by then.)



Answer these questions in the comment section below.  Please number them as you go just as I have.

1)What cleaned the scales for Fabio?

2)What did Kim use to further clean the scales?

3)How did Kim launch her Etsy Burro Mountain Arts store?

After you have answered my three questions, I want you to hop over to Kim’s Burro Mountain Arts Etsy site, following these links:  First, hop over to her Gila Gems, then look at her Wetland Treasures, and lastly her Northwoods Trinkets.

After you have studied all three of her jewelry lines, then you must go to her Burro Mountain Arts Blog home page and in the comment section of her post dated September 9th entitled “Summer Wildflowers and Wildlife” answer these two questions:

1)Which line of Kim’s jewelry do you like best?

2)Please tell why you like that jewelry line the best.

It’s like a little Treasure Hunt and we hope you enjoy it!

Now, get busy!!!

Good luck, everyone!  (Everyone can play!)

BW and Kim

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  1. Ok, before I even get started answering questions I’d just like to say I can tell already I’m going to be in love with at least 5 jewelry pieces just from the pictures I’ve seen briefly. So not fair Wendy and Kim! LOL. I’m wearing my earrings today, by the way. 😉

  2. Now to answer the questions.
    1. Fabio used a pool liner and maggots to clean the scales.
    2. Kim laid them out in the hot sun and bleached them.
    3. She started the store because of the jewelry she made from the scales.

    I commented on her section too.

    I’m going to go broke if she gets any more creative!

  3. I knew the answers but, I don’t wear jewelry so, I won’t enter but, I love her jewelry. She has so much talent.

  4. I have been here several times today, but kept getting interrupted before I could answer all the questions. So here goes.

    1.) Bayou Fabio let maggots do the cleaning.
    2.) Kim also used a water and bleach solution.
    3.) Kim got her start when you gave her some scales and then they were followed by a 5 gal. bucket full from Bayou Fabio.

  5. Well…I’ll dip a pole in the water…we love Treasure hunts ;]

    “Bayou Fabio” (such a great nickname) created a Louisiana Bayou Bake Oven with an old blow-up pool and the maggots that come to any rotting flesh to clean it.

    When Kim gets the scales she soaks them in a water & bleach mixture to make ’em glisten.

    When Kim visited the Bayou and met yer intrepid Gar Fishing hero, her creative streak exploded and she made a deal for a bucket-load of scales to create fabulous jewelry from!

    What better than a renewable resource found in the natural beauty of the Louisiana Bayou to make wonderful treasures from?

  6. What a fun contest! I’m not going to enter because I already have some of Kim’s jewelry, but I am going to offer this unsolicited testimonial. It’s beautiful, and if you don’t win some, buy some!

    I wear my necklack frequently and always get comments on it. Some people think at first it’s an arrowhead – and of course it could have been at some time.

    Just love everything you tell and show us from the bayous – and how special that sometimes we can even have a piece of the bayou for our very own!

    (off-topic ps – I’m working on a canal off Clear Lake these days. Last week it was filled with BIG Spanish mackerel! I’ve never seen them around here and thought they tended to hang offshore. Maybe they just wanted to come in for a little city life!)

  7. 1. BF put his scales in a plastic pool and let the maggots have at ’em.
    2. Kim gets ’em whiter/cleaner with bleach.
    3. She got her start with gar jewelry from BF’s scales.

  8. Beautiful new designs! I went back and re-read the entire June 30 post “Louisiana Wetland Treasures” and all 50 comments. That still ranks up there in the Top 10, BW.

    1. BF puts the skins, with scales attached, between layers of a kids’ discarded plastic pool and allows 3 weeks of Mother Nature (in the form of maggots and heat) to consume and ferment the heck out of those garfish epidermae.

    2. Kim later bleached ’em and spread them out to dry in the hot Silver City, NM sunshine.

    3. Kim launched Burro Mountain Arts in Etsy with her gar scale jewelry.

    Good luck, fellow commenters. (IhopeIwin, IhopeIwin, IhopeIwin…….) 😉

  9. I just want to say thanks to the faithful readers who have taken the time to go back over a post and play this treasure hunt.

    And if you are new here, I want to invite you to take a stab at this contest. You might just win!!! So, don’t be shy, jump in and take a chance.

    Contest will be over Monday night!

  10. 1. Maggots
    2. Bleach and water
    3. Kim got her start exploring her creative side, designing jewerly from the gar bones.

    Sorry my answers are so short but I’m almost out of time here at work. Awesome story. Love to hear stories like this. Thanks!

  11. CONTEST OVER: It’s 8:00 Central Time and Time for a drawing. All six names are on little equal-sized pieces of paper. I will ask my 17 yo son to come choose one out of a hat.

    Stand by for the winner . . . . .

  12. And the winner is . . . .


    Congratulations John, and I presume you will give the jewelry to your Quarter Master, right?

    Please go to Kim’s blog and see how she would like to proceed in getting your email address and your mailing address!

    Many thanks again to all of you who participated. I appreciate you more than you know!

    PS Tomorrow I get to take a celebrity on a wetland tour. Maybe I’ll even get some photos and can post about it . . . .

    1. Many thanks to ye and Kim! What a fabulous treasure for a couple o’ Pyrates!

      In true Pyrate democracy, we’re splittin’ the treasure – my lovely QM will sport the earrings and I’ll be proudly wearin’ the neklace…

      Love following yer adventures…hope to visit when we next pull in port down da Bayou way.