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  1. 5 stars
    I’ll take a slice!! It really is great you were able to attend his class and have him show you how to make one. I always love cooking with the kids/grandkids.

    • You now, Cammy, he helps me at times in the kitchen, but this was his domain, and it was great seeing him in his setting working with his teachers and classmates. Oh, and the cake is so good!

  2. The best thread in a long time. Congrats to the pastry chef or would he be a baker. Either way that is impressive!

    Miah a chef, and you know it made his day you coming and watching and listening, as any child would. What a great day to be a Mom.

    Is the school by chance at Nichols?

    • While all the king cake baking was going on, another student was baking heart sugar cookies, which they all decorated on Friday. Most of the king cakes were given away to other departments in the school as thank-you gifts from his class. Of course, each student got to bring home one cake. I don’t know if they’re baking any more this week, but they sure turned out a bunch of king cakes over the past two weeks! No, this wasn’t at Nicholls. It was at vo-tech, connected to the public school system. What a great program. Also at the school is small engine repair, cosmetology, welding, and more.

  3. That is one proud looking young man, As he should be.If I baked a king cake that looked that good I would be pleased to. And I know you are one proud Mama. I love his smile.

  4. Wonderful photos of a wonderful experience. Miah’s got every right to be proud, as do you. I just can’t believe we’re in Mardi Gras season already. Good grief. I feel as though it out to be mid-January, still.

    I’m glad to have received an email notification of the post, too. Looks like that system’s up and running. Now I just have to figure out if I’m supposed to use a numeral or a word to answer the captcha question. I’m no fool – I’ll copy this comment just in case I guess wrong the first time. 😉

  5. The traditional (Cinnamon) King Cake is my favorite! I’ll take any leftovers! However,I saw a “Turtle” King cake at the store last week that left me drooling…all that chocolate and pecans on the top. Oh poop,my glucose levels just went up 100 points writing about it!
    How long is his course? I’m delighted to know that he is enjoying himself AND learning a skill at the same time.

  6. Steffi, I also prefer the traditional . . . but just like our society, the bakeries have gone bigger but not necessarily better in my opinion with all the Bavarian cream and fruit fillings. We had a couple pieces of stale cake left over, so I sliced them about one-inch think and heated them in a skillet with butter on each side. Now THAT was good! Sort of like French toast with king cake but no egg batter! (Reminded me of the honey buns I used to cook in butter when I was a teen. Yeah, gooey goodness that I can’t afford to eat these days! Oh to have the metabolism of a teen again!)

  7. I love reading all of your blog entries but especially the ones about Miah since my grandson has Down Syndrome. Miah is blessed to have you as his mom & you are blessed to have Miah. He is a talented budding Chef. Good luck to you Miah, may your find success in your cooking career.

    • Hi again Donnakay! Welcome back! How old is your grandson? My son is truly a blessing, and he doesn’t even complain that he is challenged. Sometimes I’m ashamed of the things I grip about, when he has every reason to but never does. Thank you for being here and for taking time to read my stories! BW

  8. We enjoyed having you and enjoy having Jeremiah in out class. He is such a pleasure to have. King cakes will be finishing up at school this week. Never a dull moment, still cooking and learning!

    • Catina! Welcome to the blog! Thanks so much for teaching my son so well and for taking such good care of him! I really learned a lot and had such an enjoyable time in the kitchen with you.

  9. I like the traditional but I was spoiled while living in Lafayette when a friend introduced me to a local donut shop that made “King Cakes”. OMG they were good. At the time I was doing several presentations a month so I always brought 2 or 3 of these with me and they were always a hit. Funny my favorite was what BW mentioned the Bavarian cream with strawberry. I love Bavarian cream probably because I have never been able to master cooking with gelatin. Anyway these donut shops were spreading all over the southwest Louisiana.

    I usually made my own king cakes (I even made the donut ones), I like to cook and baking is a stress reliever. Imagine my surprise when two weeks ago, the Morning Advocate ran a story about “the” donut shop being sold and the daughter’s family opening up in Baton Rouge and Prairieville. I called the verify. Oh yeah!

    King cake party Saturday morning here! LOL. I really hope they are as good as I remember, ‘course I know that when you are building up that expectation it will never live up to it but……. They better be good, cause they are nowhere near the price they were 15 years ago!

    King Cake, Community Coffee, and liqueurs Saturday morning! I may just skip supper Friday night to be ready! Probably miss lunch and maybe supper too! I’ll have to chop wood for a week to get over all that lard!

    I know we all have different tastes, if you have not tried one of the donut cakes you really should. Like I said I always made my own, but these folks make good ones if you can stand that much delicious lard at one time. LOL

    Hmmmmmm…….. I wonder who won the King Cake cook-off that the article was about down in ‘Nawlins?

    • Not sure who won the king cake cook-off in New Orleans! I do love your stories, and you must realize I do like Bavarian cream, but I would probably eat myself sick if I purchased said king cakes! And I’ll try anything once and noticed our local doughnut shop had a king cake sign out front. So, go ahead and tell us the name of the doughnut shop so that Steffi (who lives in Prairieville) and others can go grab some of that deliciousness!

      • Well in Lafayette and southwest Louisiana it is Meche’s but the daughter who now have three stores, 2 in Baton Rouge and one in Prairieville is named “Thee Heavenly Donut”.

        Like I said I have not had one in ages, but if you want one, I suggest you look online at their site, and pick what you want, and order it the day before or…. you’ll get what is left when you walk in.

        When you put the box in the car, you automatically gain 5 lbs. (That’s why my Baby Sis is picking mine up, I didn’t tell her).

        Once I had one, it almost ruins the traditional. I said almost.

        • I found this; “The money raised goes to its neo-natal and pediatric wings, and the voters spoke — the winner of the people’s choice award goes to Haydel’s, Randazzo’s coming in a close second.”

          Both and Gambino’s are all three local favorites and ship. I know cause every year I lived away from Louisiana my Mom and Sis put together a Mardi Gras care package and shipped to me. Every year, they lubbed me! The cakes were good, but they always came with 8 or 10 pounds of community dark roast. LOL

  10. doing what you love and showing it to others. The world would be a better place. I somehow think it is a blessing I am diabetic so I don’t dive into such things everyday. You got great kids. (I don’t just toss that out there either.)

    Suffering from this weeks treatment. This week its attacking nose and eyes with burning watery stuff. Thaw underway and severe thunderstorms forecast before we dive back into freezer. Working on blufloyd tee shirts I’ll send you a stack to give away. Army veterans are making them to stay off street. If you want some BW shirts these guys are inexpensive .

    • Oh, you touched my heart, Blu! And t-shirts, too?
      Can’t wait to see the official Blufloyd t-shirt!
      Sorry you’re having bad reactions to treatment. Not much you can do about it . . . but we haven’t forgotten you. I was looking for your email the other day . . . it must be in my old account . . . was wondering how you were making it because hadn’t heard from you in a while. Glad you’re still here, Blu. 🙂

  11. Two comments… Blu you are still in my prayers. I hope you’re feeling better soon. How many “rounds” do you have left?
    We had lunch today at some friends home. For dessert, she had a Zulu King Cake. I’d never had this before. It might just be my favorite…now!

      • Chocolate is a good start. If you recall they throw cocoanuts. Hence the name. It’s Chocolate filling w/choc and cocoanut on the top. I haven’t seen this kind around here (but I really haven’t looked). She had purchased it at Carter’s Supermarket in Walker, La. They had stopped there on the way back from visiting with us at our camp in Ms. We’re headed in that direction soon. I may get Hubby to pull in if the parking lot isn’t too full. We’re pulling a trailer with us today, (hauling a washer and dryer) so…IF it’s not too full!

    • At the risk of making people cry, they promised not to dig me up to continue treatment, otherwise it is every 2 weeks till breathing stops and brain goes quiet. I’d say no end in sight right now.

      Now cheer up and prayer for a spring of flowers and no tornadoes and bream in the bucket.

  12. 12 NOON: Comments are now CLOSED and it’s time for the drawing for the package of King Cake flavored PJ’s coffee. Winner will be announced in a separate post. Your chances are 1 in 9. Good luck, everyone!

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