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There were about 10 of them–curious about the wetlands here in my neck of the bayou. They split into two groups, and about five hours later, they knew a whole lot more about what makes up healthy and unhealthy wetlands than they did before embarking on this journey. They were from Florida to Canada, and places in between. I’ve never had so many cameras on my boat at once. It was a great pleasure having these writer/photographers on board. Think about it. They are my captive audience. We leave the landing, and I can literally hold them hostage until they have heard everything I think they need to hear about the value of the wetland here and why it should be restored, protected, and preserved for future wetlanders. Shame is, I didn’t get to take their photos, but they surely (under duress) took mine.

Of course this photo was taken at the landing, and not out in the wetland. Just ignore the half-million dollar camp in the background–not a typical bayou home.

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