Tune in to "The Biggest Loser" finale Tuesday night!

A couple months ago, Miah brought home a TV release form I had to sign in order for him to appear on the final episode of “The Biggest Loser”.

There was a couple on the show from the nearby town, and the woman won $10,000 on the show and gave it to my son’s school.  With it they bought some kind of fitness program that cost $20,000, with the NFL chipping in the other half.

While the TV camera crew was setting up in the gym to tape this episode with the school kids being given the gift, Miah was over on the side doing the exercises right along with the other kids.

Next thing he knew, he had a new T-shirt from the NFL and a new pair of gym shorts.  They put him on a mat on the front doing the exercise program and hamming it up, I’m sure!!!

I’m not sure if he’ll just be a “blip” on the screen, but since you’ve seen his photo here, he should be easy to spot on the front row exercising his little heart out!

So, Tuesday night.  NBC’s The Biggest Loser at 8 Eastern/7 Central time.

On a different topic.  We are moving out of Camp Dularge.  All that’s left are our personal belongings and food.  Tonight might be our last night here before she gets her face lift, which I will photograph and post about at length.  She’s going eight feet up!!!

Until tomorrow,

I remain,

Your Bayou Woman

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  1. NOWWWWW….. an earlier post makes sense. I was prepared to tape Ascension Outdoors for you. I thought perhaps Miah had gone with y’all on the boat last week.
    As much as I HATE those type shows, I’ll watch or tape it tomorrow. The “woman from a nearby town” certainly has a HUGE heart! What a wonderful and generous thing to do for the school!

    1. Steffi, it’s not that she’s so generous–I think she won a challenge and it was stipulated that the prize money was to go to an organization or school–something charitable like that. So, I think she has either a child or relative who attends Miah’s school.

  2. Oh man, I missed it! I was busy all evenin’ and just read your blog. That’s really neat that he was able to do that. I bet he liked it. Hope you were able to see him on the show. For all of us that missed it, fill us in.

  3. On my calendar! I’ll be searching for the mighty Miah! Thanks so much for the “heads up” that we can all enjoy the fun of the generous gift to the school, and of seeing Miah in action!

    Love you!

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