Vote for your favorite photo!

Below are four photos taken in the Mauvais Bois Swamp, one of the most beautiful spots in Terrebonne Parish, and my personal favorite place.

Would you do me a big favor? Please take a moment and examine all four photos, then please vote for your favorite and tell us what you like about it.


“Swamp Nest”

“Tinsel Moss”


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  1. Dimensions is my favorite. Since my eyesite isn’t that good, I had a hard time figuring out what was in the middle. It kind of looked like a person standing with a red hat on their head. I now realize it was just a cypress knee. I like how the photo had me guessing and trying to figure out what it was. I love the sharpness of all your pictures. Mosslight is nice because of the way the light hits the moss. You’ve done a great job of capturing all the subjects.

    Kim, that was a little, shaded, obscure pool of dark water dotted by a couple cypress knees in the midst of the swamp. When I looked through the lens, there were so many depths of field, the Auto Focus kept jumping in and out not knowing what to focus on. So, I sat very, very still and zoomed in on that knee, hoping for a focal point for my lens. I took 3, and this is the one I like the best. I call it “Dimensions”, for the very reason that there are so many different layers to see. I’m glad you like it!

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  3. Tinsel Moss is my favorite. I like the lines of the cypress trunk, the lines of hanging moss and the pale blue and green of the new leaves and blue sky. Also like the “looking up” point of view. Nice photos, but Tinsel Moss seems to have the best balance.

    You wound like a photographer!

  4. I vote for Tinsel Moss. I like the different textures and colors but all of them are wonderful!

    Thanks, Cuz! I’m glad you like them. I took more today of a different type.

  5. I liked Dimensions. I like the rich textures and the different layers of it. It looks like some sort of mystical other world. Beautiful. I love all of them though.

    Thanks, Carol. I keep looking at it, and it’s hard to tell where real image ends and reflection begins in the dark pool.

  6. I like them all, but Dimensions is my favorite because it’s different. I’ve never looked at cypress knees like that.

    Hey! Glad you made it to the swamp gallery! Thanks, Rocky!

  7. I like Dimensions the best for all the reasons others have stated.

    Thanks, LilSis, and do you know how to get rid of the automatically generated post list? And where’s our BigSis?

  8. I vote for TINSEL MOSS, because I like the millions of shades of similar colors & because it looks like a painting (I think of the Happy Tree guy on PBS….). Also, I like the perspective of looking up as well. I love tall things!! But it gives a very “relaxing under the cool shade” feeling. I don’t feel that too often around here in the “city”. LOLLLL! Great pics! You should frame them.

  9. And here is your answer:

    go to Design>Extras an check “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way“

    Thanks. We’ll see if that did the trick!

  10. Dimensions is my favorite, then Tinsel Moss. I know we’re supposed to vote on one, but…..I LOVE cypress trees! From the tiny delicate leaves to the amazing cypress knees and expanding trunks, this tree is quite a beauty. I’ve begun planting them in my yard every chance I get. Beautiful pics!

  11. While I love the dramatic light play on mosslight, I have to vote for “Tinsel Moss”, it reminds me of a watercolor painting. I would love to see “Dimensions” cropped in an elongated form, like a panoramic, with a wide matt framming it. Ah heck, I’m no help, I loved them all. Very nice pics hon.
    Deb in TX

  12. Boy. My immediate reaction was to Tinsel Moss–it looked magical, otherworldly. Looking again, I like Dimensions for its artistic arrangement of light, shadow and shape.

    If I were to buy one to hang on my wall? It would be Tinsel Moss. If I were you and entering it in a contest, I’d choose Dimensions.

    There–I’m no help at all!

  13. I really like all of the pics but my favorite is the tinsel moss. It shows a really cool angle. It has the stark tree trunk colored in brown and red, the soft, gray, angel looking hair with the beautiful soft green leaves as a backdrop. I just think that it is a beautiful picture.

  14. Dimensions. The reason I like this one the best is that I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve seen so many pictures of drippy moss and birds, but the Cyprus Knees (?), totally awesome, artistically pleasing and well composed.

  15. I like Mosslight and then Dimensions. Mosslight looks almost like a woman suspended in the tree. From the top of the photo(far left) It is almost as if hair is framing up the bottom portion of a face, the shoulder rounds out on the left as well and the two sticks covered in moss are very arm like.

    Dimensions reminds me of a fairy world. The light in the background looks almost like a fairy amongst the cypress knees.

    Cool photos!

    Oh my goodness, Jenny, I see it! Thanks for pointing that out to and thanks for dropping by!

  16. Many thanks to all of you who voted. Dimensions and Tinsel Moss will become part of my Louisiana Wetland Gallery. From time to time I will be posting sets of 3-4 photos to have you decide which ones you like the best. I can’t think of a better way to put together a sample gallery, than to let you do it.