Walkin to New Orleans . . . — 20 Comments

  1. Notes to Moura, Susie CR, and Kim — Chapter 7 was not to be published yet. Technical boo boo. So you will see it in the very near future! Sorry about that! You are more than welcome to read about trip to N.O. and comment!!! BW

  2. I’m going to have to check out the exhibit at the Cabildo when I’m in town. It looks excellent. The video you included was excellent also. I hope your friend gets her funding!

    • I decided to play the video again for all the newer readers. It’s a couple years old now, but that is how Steph and I met. She somehow found me, and I took her and her videographer out on my boat to get footage for this documentary. And she just kept coming back, and now we are very close friends.!

  3. Wonderful tour, yet again! I’m gonna send the link to Hill Country Hippie over at Seasonality as I know she loved your last NO tour. Those dishes at Cafe Amelie look so scrumptious—my tummy’s growling. What a poignant exhibit to walk through; is it going to be permanent? Thanks for the link; I’m gonna go ‘walk through’ the online exhibits now. No beignets this trip?

    Off-topic: Did the King Cake have to be refrigerated due to the Bavarian Cream filling?

    • No, M.E., it’s not a permanent exhibit. We were going to get beignets after the break dancing performance, but get this: THERE WAS A LINE waiting to sit in the outdoor cafe AND the indoor cafe. We didn’t have time to wait, as Steph had dinner plans to get ready for and I had to drive back down the bayou. No, the King Cake does not have to be refrigerated. Just like cream-filled doughnuts are not typically refrigerated, right?

    • Bavarian cream is basically just enhanced whipped cream which has been stabilized using gelatin.

      A King Cake should never last long enough to need worry about it spoiling.

    • Oh, no, Colleen, you broke a cardinal rule of BW. Never, ever say something someone else loves to eat is “gross”, even if you couch it with a compliment! 🙂 But since you didn’t know, I’ll forgive you—that and the fact that you ARE a very good cook and you cook for children. Don’t know many women who would enjoy doing that! All in good fun, Colleen!

  4. Ditto on the shrimp and grits recipe! I love grits and fix them for myself with different things like cheese, peppers, bacon, etc.

      • Try letting them cool down and “firm up” in the pot with a lid on or pour them into a casserole dish to firm. Then cut into squares and heat them up in the “Nuker”.

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