We even eat that good claw meat!

I apologize if you are a person who chooses not to eat any kind of living creature. And if you are, it’s best you stop right now and read no further.

Because, Crawdaddy was destined to be the star of this tutorial on cracking crawfish claws and eating the meat from them.


Here he is, in all his spicy glory, waiting to be selected. I mean, who could resist those big claws?

STEP 1: Pick the crawfish with the biggest claws . . .


STEP 2: Hold it like so. STEP 3: Grip the claw.


STEP 4: Twist it off, like so.


STEP 5: Break the pincher from the leg, again using a twisting motion.


STEP 6: Using either your teeth or “crab crackers”, break the claw just above the pinchers and remove the shell. See the nice big clump of claw meat? Mmmmmmm.


STEP 7: Next, eat the meat right off the claw, like this. And then move on to claw no. 2


If you have trouble getting the claw shell to come off, and if the meat gets stuck inside, do not fear. Using the pinchers from another claw as a fork, dig into the claw and get the meat out. It still tastes just as good!

Next time . . . How to make Bayou Woman’s delicious dipping sauce!

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  1. Thanks for this post. It seems like no one else even thinks of eating the claw meat. Wonder why. I guess it depends on the size of the crawdaddy if it is worth the effort, but I think it is great.

    1. Hi Daniel and welcome to this bayou. Yes, I agree it depends on the size, but I enjoy digging for the treasure!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. Always wanted to get down there and attend a crawfish boil. We call them crayfish up here☺. I keep looking for somewhere I can find whole crawfish here in wisconsin that are from your area of the country. Our crawfish are called rusty crayfish, an invasive species to some lakes as a result of their vegetation consumption. Had them a few times, pretty good but they seem too big to be tender like yours. Any info on companies that ship fresh whole would be great!

    Regards, Ian

    1. Hi Ian. I’m sorry but I don’t know of a company that would ship “live” crawfish that far and even if they would stay alive that long. They are already a day or two old when the arrive at our local markets, so if I were you, I’d find a crawfish farm direct in south La. that might ship straight to you if you are willing to pay the price. Please Google Crawfish Haven in Kaplan, Louisiana!!!