Well, that's show biz!

Well, folks, they just showed the footage of the lady from Houma.  However, there was nothing shown from Miah’s school.  I don’t expect to see it later in the show.  I could be wrong.

I’m sorry, everyone, because I truly expected to see the footage on the show tonight., but as I’ve learned in TV, things don’t always go as planned.

For those of you who tuned in, thanks for being such good friends.  I’m sorry we spent an evening in front of the tube without reward.  The show makes me feel like I need to run around the house or something!!!

It’s okay that I didn’t get to see him on TV, because I am blessed to not only see him but to hug and kiss him every day!

Life goes on!


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  1. I thought maybe I’d missed seeing him. I had it on the whole 2 hrs., but I had a phone call and had to leave the room to get an address for the caller.

  2. I was sad that we didn’t get to see him! Know what’s worse than SITTING there watching that show? SITTING there watching it while EATING!

  3. I hope he was not too disappointed. I am afraid the show did not give me any motivation. We just finished our Christmas dinner here at work. I feel sick!

  4. So glad to know I didn’t miss him somehow! I watched the entire thing, too, and wondered if I missed something!

    Give him a hug from us, and tell him in our eyes, he’s still a TV star! 🙂

    Love to you!

  5. Of course I knew you were all mumbling and grumbling like I was last night about sitting there for two very precious hours during a very busy time of the year! But thank y’all for the kind words anyway. He was excited to see “Miss Vicky” the lady from Houma, as he met her that day and remembered her name. Thanks again, everyone!