Wetland Photography Tour Challenge

This is Beverly looking down at some of her recent photos.  The youngest-oldest of the two-day groups, at 82, she is spry as a spring chicken and a major inspiration to me.  

So, tell me, folks . . . what is the difference in these two photos?

My entire purpose in posting these together and apart from all the other photos is to read your comments and observations.

So, bring on those comments!



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  1. The 1st photo concentrated on Beverly and beyond. The 2nd focused on equipment (fishing cork, etc.) and Beverly.

    1. KINDLY (with a smile on her face) EDITED FOR SELFISH REASONS BY THE BLOGGER:
      BW knows what she is doing with a camera…she’s just too modest to admit it! LOL

      1. WAIT WAIT WAIT THIS WAS MY POST TO WORK WITH. I’m just getting back home . . . . . sheesh! Man, don’t even give me time to get back to my desk!!!!!

  2. I want to see everyone’s comments and ideas, critiques, compliments, and all that jazz before I confirm what’s going on here; although to some it might be very, very obvious! Let’s have a little fun with this!

  3. I see the same thing Steffi sees. First photo is a bit blurry up close and clear and sharp from Beverly and beyond while the 2nd photo is the opposite. I am wondering if both were taken with the same camera using a different focal point or with two different cameras or perhaps a cell phone?

  4. In the image on the left, the focal point and depth of field are at or beyond Beverly, so the water is in focus, but the dock is not. On the right, the focal point is on the equipment in the foreground, or just beyond, so the dock is in focus. Forgetting the problem with contrast, the use of a smaller aperture (f22, or smaller, e.g.) and focussing on infinity would render the entire scene in focus.

    1. Now, you do know this is all Greek to me? But thank you for explaining it so eloquently, Ford!! And welcome to the bayou. Do you come here often?

    1. Yes, ma’am, that is you! I was being very, very sneaky! As Dede said below, you inspire your camera buddies!! Myself, as well!

  5. In photo on our left the focus is on the background and on the right the foreground. I love your photos, always!

  6. Photo on left with a 55mm lens focused on infinity (?). On right focused on equipment.
    Jackie G.

    1. Okay, BW wants to know why you have been keeping your photographic knowledge a secret? Unless this is really Lauren posting under your name, how in the world would you know what lens I might have been using? I’m thoroughly amused at this point!!!! And I think this might be the FIRST comment you’ve ever left, which still leads me to think this is really Lauren! Okay, fess up!!!

  7. If on auto settings, different focus. If not, different aperture — maybe f/2, f/3 on the right? (I just gave myself a gold star for knowing what an aperture is.)

  8. Ya’ll did very well on this challenge. In one, I focused on the still life items on the picnic table, bringing them into focus and blurring out the background slightly. I think that has something to do with a term “depth of field”. In the other photo, I focused farther out on Beverly and beyond, which blurred the items on the table in the foreground. NOW, if one of you experts would like to explain exactly what this is called and how it is achieved, I invite you to do so, PLEASE!!!!! Capt. Swallow? You game? Anyone else?

    1. Well, Mr. Ford J. pretty much explained it above…
      In simple terms, two things mater here (imagining a line drawn horizontally through your photo):
      1. Focal point – the spot where you aim your greatest focus. On the left, the foreground, on the right, the background.
      2. Depth Of Field – described as the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. A greater DOF puts more of the photo in clear focus, a shallow DOF, make the background blurry; putting emphasis on the foreground.

      Either way, two great photos from one scene!