What has BW been doing?

Well, I haven’t been blogging, that’s for darn sure.  And I’m so sorry but I’ve been leaving the house so early, there’s no time in the morning.  And by the time I get finished with all my family responsibilities at night, I’m too tired to do much besides pull the covers back and fall into the sack.

I recently had a week chock- full of tours with really cool kids from universities in New York.  I have a couple pics of them here . . .

And some more . . .

And then these . . .

And this family . . .

That week, I had about 30 students total, and ran two trips a day for three days.  It was great and they were wonderful to have on board and teach about our wetlands.

This week, I will be doing a little more of what I did today . . .

. . . which was fishing.  This is a father and son team.  The father, “Chief” is a retired school teacher-baseball coach and lives in Northern Virginia.

Above is the son part of this dynamic duo, Pete, who now lives in New Orleans and is the Volunteer Coordinator for Episcopal Community Services.  He spoke at the conference in New York back in February at Genesee Community College, too.  They have great opportunities for young people to take time off from college, work, whatever to volunteer their time and energy to help folks in New Orleans recover.

This morning started off foggy, overcast, and the wind was howling.  The day did not look promising.  We ventured out and fished on anyway.   And we’re so glad we did.  They boated a few trout at our first stop, and as the wind died down a bit, we headed to the lake.

We found some beautiful light emerald water and cast out our Berkley Power Baits.  It was noon and those trout were hungry for lunch.  Sure wish we could count the ones that did not quite make the boat.  It didn’t take them long to get the hang of really setting that hook in those yellow mouths, and lunch hour ended  with a limit of trout in the boat.  The bite was fast and furious and then it was over as quick as it began.

They were great fun to fish with, and I hope they come back again.  I have another charter tomorrow with a kayak fisherman from North Carolina, so this should be fun.  They catch some of the same species up there as we do down here.  So, I’ll be curious to see if he finds any difference in the water, the methods, or the fish.

It’s good to be back here talking to all of you again.  I have another little surprise post for you coming soon.  Well, at least when I can squeeze it in before bedtime.  5:30 AM comes mighty early, so my eyes don’t work much past 8:00 PM.  And that’s the time it is right now, ladies and gents.

So, good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Let me hear from y’all!


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  1. I’d be curious to hear what the kayak fisherman from NC thinks of LA. I found parts of NC to look just like LA. I’m looking forward to that surprise post. I’ll be seeing you soon!

    1. The kayak fisherman from NC is a really nice guy. Am taking him out on a regular charter today and I think we’ll go to the same spot we caught all those fish yesterday and see if they are still biting. It should be very interesting, so I’ll let you know what he says about similarities and will share with him your thoughts, too! And the surprise post is on a totally new topic!!!

  2. So glad y’all had a good time, good fishing, and a little wetland tour to boot, BUT no pic of Pete??

  3. And, just what lake were y’all fishing? I have NEVER been able to catch and keep a “limit” (that’s 25 specks over 12″).
    Have you retired the pontoon boat for your tours?

    1. If I told you, you would not believe me 😉 Yes, the pontoon has been retired since last fall. She is going to be “re-purposed” one day, though.

    1. SusieCR, are already here in Tx? If not, welcome to the land of wild weather.
      Central Tx sounds like the Waco area. I am near the metroplex and it’s surrounding smog.

  4. Blu likes. You need more work. I am getting laid off next week for week after getting last week off and more time off in future. I been fishing incredible hours too.

    My day start before 4.30 am gets done around 9 usually.
    Too cold here send those spring break hotties up here.

    Nicely done. I said that right?

  5. Its 38 degrees here in Oklahoma and I’m headed to the baseball field on my lunch hour to watch Bryce play in a tournament. I’d rather be fishing!!!! Or just about anything else than sitting on cold metal bleachers.

  6. Another week off starting now. Crappies (Sac’s) in the cove gills on the fly. Colder than a witch’s feet or something too. Tying flies and cooking some serious Jambalaya and Sacaulait fillets will keep me busy.