What would you do if . . .

you and a friend, or a spouse, or your family were coming to the wetlands of South Louisiana?

I would seriously like to know, based on your knowledge of this area or what you’ve learned from this blog, what would you like to do and see while down here for a few days?

Would you like to go fishing?

Diane Rainy Red

Would you like to explore on a boat?

Mauvais Swamp

Would you like to get off the boat in a semi-remote area and see gators up close?

Gator Girl

Well, maybe not THAT close!

Would you like to plant marsh grass on a restoration project?

Marsh grass planting

Would you like to take crab nets and catch blue crab?

Netting Crab

Or would you rather just feed them and see them up close?Blue Crab

Would you like to go birding?   And maybe learn all the different herons and how to tell the difference in all those white egrets that you always thought were cranes?


Maybe see a bald eagle?

eagle soaring

Would you like to take photos?  Of what?  Flowers?  Plants?  Trees?  Wildlife?  Birds?

water lily

Would you like to cross the lake in the late afternoon, and watch the beautiful sunset on the ride back?

Marsh Sunset

Afterward, maybe you’d just like to relax in the quiet of a cozy little fishing camp?

Camp Dularge

And enjoy some local food?

Boiled crab

Like fresh boiled crab?

This and much, much more awaits you right here in my back yard and front yard, well almost!

This is a multiple choice question.  I’d really like to know which of the above items YOU would enjoy if you came here?  Pick 4!

So, y’all come see us, cher!


PS  Don’t forget.  All these photos belong to me and if you want to borrow them, you need to ask me first!

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  1. My four choices? Boiled crab, relax at a fishing camp, explore on a boat, go birding.

    (My choices are somewhat influenced by two bad hips and related mobility issues.)

  2. Just 4 choices??? Geeze I like all of them except the upclose with the gators choice.

    1. See a bald eagle
    2. Explore on a boat
    3. Watch the sunset
    4. Local cuisine

  3. I’d want to take it ALL in. You know what my 1st choice is…fishing. (one) EXCEPTION…I wouldn’t want to get That close and personal to a live alligator. My eldest son still has the scars a 5 footer gave him when he worked at our friends alligator farm.
    Hey, is this a prize? This would be right up there with the Community Coffee products. You know how I like my Community Dark Roast. Let’s see, I can bring my pink Thermos on the boat or I can drink it while sitting on that wonderful deck at Camp DuLarge aka Cypress Cottage. Maybe I should backspace and list 4 specific things.

  4. Decisions, decisions, only 4… really? OK here goes, in no particular order:
    Plant marsh grass on a restoration project
    Take crab nets and catch blue crabs (I’m assuming I get to cook and eat them later)
    Take photos of flowers and wildlife
    Cross the lake in the late afternoon and watch the sunset on the way back

  5. I agree that choosing 4 is HARD. I guess the only one I haven’t done is gotten that close to a live gator.

    Here are my choices:
    1-Cross the lake in the later afternoon and watch the sunset (after visiting the swamp dwellers)
    2-Eat local seafood (and if you’re not cooking, then preferably at Shmoopy’s)
    3-Plant marsh grass on a restoration project
    4-Relax at a cozy little fishing camp

    Let me get my calender out and see when I can come down there!

  6. OK; here goes and I hope I can pull it off in four!
    1) Catch some fish with bait shrimp we bought at the marina. (Don’t catch too many fish so we can have some shrimp left over)
    2) Catch a few crabs to bring back with us.
    3) Relax and do a little exploring.
    4) Return to Camp Dularge and prepare this recipe!!
    a) Enough specs or redfish fillets to cover the bottom of a 9X9 casserole dish

  7. Let’s try again!!
    OK; here goes and I hope I can pull it off in four!
    1) Catch some fish with bait shrimp we bought at the marina. (Don’t catch too many fish so we can have some shrimp left over)
    2) Catch a few crabs to bring back with us.
    3) Relax and do a little exploring.
    4) Return to Camp Dularge and prepare this recipe!!
    … Enough specs or redfish fillets to cover the bottom of a 9X9 casserole dish
    …1/2 pound (or all) of leftover bait shrimp; peeled and deveined
    …1 cup of cleaned crabmeat either scalded or boiled
    …1/2 pound of longhorn cheddar cheese
    …1 can of seasoned breadcrumbs
    …1 cup of flour for dredging

    Cover casserole dish with butter or non stick spray–butter is much better.
    Season filets with Tony’s or brand of your choice, then lightly dredge in flour and cover bottom of casserole dish with fish.
    Repeat above process with shrimp and cover fish with the shrimp.
    Cover shrimp with peeled crab meat. (No seasoning required)
    Slice longhorn cheese 1/8″ thich and layer on top of crabmeat.
    Cover casserole with breadcrumbs.
    Bake in oven @350 degrees for 40 minutes.
    Install spoonfuls of cooked ingredients in a dish and move to porch of Camp Dularge and consume with buttered and toasted french bread; tea on the side!!
    I can smell it now; can’t you!!

  8. Just 4? I like them all, I’m not much of a birder though so I could skip that to spend more time on the rest. Eating local foods is a must
    Fishing would be great
    Seeing gators, sure why not (I could even get that close)
    Relaxing at the camp ?(rest when I’m dead, lets go PLAY!!!).

  9. Alright, it says that I can bring a friend or a spouse or my family. I’m not married, so the spouse is out. My family lives up north in Yankee territory and I doubt I’ll ever be able to get them down here–except for my sister, but that’s only cause she comes down here with her mission team to help people rebuild so that’s not really the same thing. I don’t really have any friends except for my imaginary friends. So I’d bring my best imaginary friend and I would go fishing, plant marsh grass, explore on a boat (and try to get up close and friendly with the gators while doing so), and take photos all the while. My imaginary friend would like to catch and feed blue crab, watch the sunset, and relax at the camp while eating local food. Well, at least that’s what she told me she would like to do.

  10. I thought I was Diane’s imaginary friend. Pouting for a bit. On way to fishing.

    Fishing, boat, crabs, gators. If I win we got to bring Diane though.

  11. Oh goodness. My list would be:

    1. drive around to see everything
    2. go out on a boat to see the bayou
    3. take photos
    4. relax in the fishing camp

    My husband’s would probably be:
    1. go fishing
    2. go crabbing
    3. go out on a boat to see the bayou
    4, eat anything he could!

    Me–I’d also want to meet locals, hear their stories, listen to some music and eat the local foods.

  12. Good, good, these are very good. I’ve been too busy for my own (blogging) good!

    PS There are still a few more of you who need to respond!!! I’m waiting for you!

  13. 1)Explore the back waters….I want to meet the swamp dwellers!
    2)I’ll eat at Schmoopy’s or Jug’s…both are excellent
    3)Fish and on the way back…watch the sunset
    4)Rest at Camp Dularge and visit with a very dear friend………BW!

    PS – Take pics of any and everything!

  14. Okay, I’m not going to plant marsh grass – not because I’m lazy but because it would kill my back and I’ll be saving it for the following. But I chose everything else plus a porch band, some dancing, I want a real fais-do-do! I’d want a couchon de lait and to cook up all the seafood we can catch. I do miss those sunsets, though with the drilling to the west of us out by Meeker, we’re starting to get the pretty colors up here in CO, but it’s just a tease. Of course you are going to let me take the wheel for a bit, but that’s just because we are all in the Captain’s Club.
    And then Wendy, we would walk in your new CSA gardens and giggle about how it all began when we started talking on the internet. Moi, Je te dit, we are going to have a good time!

  15. How long can I stay? I’m going to get there yet and when I come we want to fish, eat, enjoy the view and birds and whatever else falls in our path. We definitely want to experience local fun and activities.