What you lookin' at, fool?

Green Heron
You lookin’ at me?  Well, then, take a picture.  It’ll last longer!

Green heron 2
Better like this?

Green Heron 3

Or better like this?

Green Heron 16a
Okay, enough posing.  I’m outta here.

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    1. Blu, maybe you just need to offer Timothy James (Darth) to pay for the whole trip and then he can come? He told me he was too broke to come down! But I did lean on him!

  1. Is that a mature bird? Hard to tell his size. His colors are soooooooooo beautiful. I think the males of all the bird species are always “purtier” than the females.

  2. Steffi: our male species are the ones generally blessed with the long, dark eyelashes, great skin and better cheek bones. Us females? We have Maybelline! Just my thoughts.

    1. Of course, I love all the herons, but I especially love these. It is a green heron, and they are much smaller than all the other herons. So yes, I would say it is no longer a juvenile. He is a newcomer to the place where I photographed him. Typically they are more shy than the other herons, flitting from bush to shore to eat and not hanging out in the open for too long at a time. But this one was a captive subject! Pretty much had him cornered!

    1. I think the photo color is a little off from reality because he was more dark green than blue. I should have adjusted the color, I guess.

  3. Tried that with all the yankees, no bites. Harder to lasso than dolphin on porpoise. That’s gonna leave a mark…..ouch.

    Them birds hide in the shore reeds and cat tail here. Had one over in Indiana that liked my old gray plastic boat couldn’t hang on to gunwales though. Tried three aborted landing… Usually they flush out right at your head then back in the reeds.

    Mute swans however will kill you coming out of the reeds. Different story….

  4. Blu, are you speaking in code again? None of the yanks want a paid trip down to bayou country? Maybe you should check your mouthwash and deodorant! LOL!!!

  5. Kids, jobs, and women are main issues. Legal and stuff are others.

    Saw a green heron at E tonight. I took it as a sign the bluegill were gonna hit and they did.

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