Wheel of Fortune Contestant!

Okay, first off, I must apologize for leaving this blog stagnant for so long.  I think this might be the first time I’ve let this go without a new post since its inception back in fall 2007 . Again, I’m sorry.  Life has been pressing in on me from all sides, squashing all my creativity.  And no, I have not been writing a novel in secret.

But I do have some exciting real-life news for you . . .

Our one-and-only DOTTER will be appearing on Wheel of Fortune this evening.

She wants you to know that she was not the big winner, and what she learned from this experience is that a fraction of a  second can change the outcome of this game.  It’s all about the “buzzer” and how quickly you can press it!  Also, it seems like each show, one person gets all the “bad spins”.  Well, I think she was that unlucky contestant.

In spite of those lessons, she says it was a great experience, and she had a fun time.

The morning of the show, she and the other contestants were sitting in a room, and a petite woman, hair in pony tail, no makeup, popped into the room and wished everyone luck and parted with these words, “Remember!  Buy vowels!”

And you guessed it.  It was Vanna White.  Dotter said that she did not recognize her without her makeup and fancy gown–she just looked like a plain person!

She said Pat S. was pretty funny and that he did his part to put her at ease, even asking her at one point during a short break where she was sort of moving to the beat of the background music,

“You’re not boogying in a boogy-free zone, are you?”

So, you know where we will be this evening at 5:30–glued to the TV set to see one of our own actually getting to play the game we’ve all sat and “won” in our own living rooms.

And to Dotter:  I am so proud of you for being so brave to go and audition for the show.  And then to be chosen.  And THEN to actually go through with it, fly to Los Angeles, and embark on this television game-show adventure.  You are just the coolest Dotter ever!

With my love and admiration for my only girl,

Mommer/Bayou Woman

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  1. I’ve put it in my phone calendar to watch! If it’s not on my phone calendar these days, it doesn’t happen. Glad to see your back to the blog. We are all getting excited about seeing you all in June!

    1. Gotten used to that new phone? I’m at this desk every day for other business reasons . . . but the poor blog just kept getting pushed aside . . . I’m getting excited too!

      1. I can work anything on the new phone except making a phone call. That part gets me every stinking time. 🙂

      1. I won’t be varnishing then, but I sure will be sanding or something. There’s been so much bad weather I need to work longer hours, plus the adjustment for that danged daylight saving time. Grandma used to talk about working from “kin to cain’t” – from when you kin see to when you cain’t. We kin-to-cain’t sorts HATE daylight saving time!

  2. Thanks, Mommer!

    And it shows at 6:30 p.m. CST… 🙂 I should mention that Wednesday morning, the day we were flying to L.A., I was at the doctor getting shots and pills because I had NO VOICE! My voice had return partially by Thursday afternoon when the episode was taped, but I spent the day Wednesday not speaking (which was difficult!) in hopes that I wouldn’t be replaced by a bloodthirsty alternate! All’s well that ends well… now maybe they’ll send me my moneyyyyy!

    1. AND would like to mention that last night’s Jackpot round was brought to us by Allegra, the very medication the doctor gave me for all of my sinus issues the day before the taping of the show. Funny!

  3. Nice. Watched an episode at M_D’s camp last fall. Ain’t changed much. Thinking of just crashing next 2 nites to rest up for week off next week.

  4. D#@*, I missed it! We just got back home today (G.I. -1 Flounder) and this is the first chance I’ve had to get to the computer. Dotter, I hope you were able to get some sight seeing done while you were on the “Left Coast”. Congrats on being selected.

  5. I missed it too darn it! I would have loved to have seen it. I hope you got something at least. I bet you had a blast though.

    1. Well, Cammy, let’s just say the Wheel of Fortune wasn’t on her side that night! She got bankrupt on a pretty nice chunk of change!!! She went home with $3000 dollars but the big winner won ten times that much!!! She had a great time, though!