Where will Ike strike? When will BW go home?

Go west, young man, go west! Forecasters were right when they predicted Gustav to make landfall over my bayou.  I want to believe this model is accurate  when it indicates Louisiana is nowhere in the cone of whatever it’s called.

Do I trust it and rush home today?  Or do I remain patient, and take my time going home?  When I get home, there will be no internet services for who knows how long.  I won’t be able to post the gator hunting trip that we took the week before Gustav.

Comtemplative and undecided,


This is where our oldest son spent the hurricane:

He was standing on the tugboat taking photos of the barges and other tugs and barges–all tied up together and tied to the trees on the bank.

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  1. Do you have electricity yet? Have you heard from bayou fabio? At least we know you are safe and comfortable in your present location. The kids have something to do. Another day to see where the storm is heading sounds more prudent than having to turn around and hauling everybody back up. But that’s just my opinion. Stay safe

  2. Hi Debbi! Are you working heavy schedules right now? Yes, there is electricity, and I got a report from someone who saw Fabio repairing his boat. Now that he has had time to “recharge” his cell phone, I think I’ll give him a call. That’s one vote to stay a day longer! Thanks!

  3. Two votes! Better to be a little inconvenienced and homesick, than in harms way. Been meaning to ask about the rest of your family. How are they and where are they?

  4. Stephanie, my husband and the young boys are with me, and Hubby going back to Fourchon tonight to work. Older boys are both at work on their tug boats—the oldest never left his boat but rode out the storm tied to each other and tied to trees. Want to see photos? Daughter and son-in-law were up here but returned south over the weekend, as school started back for them this week. School for mine starts Monday, so see? I don’t have to rush back!

  5. RE: BAYOU FABIO – I talked to him today. He has been surviving on fish and tap water. Since he has no way to receive news, he has no idea that he was supposed to be boiling the tap water before drinking, but he is healthy as a horse! He told me not to come home because Ike is going to turn this weekend and head toward Louisiana. HUH?

  6. Oh my! On a tug boat during a hurricane! He is much braver than I. I am with the others,one more day just to be sure. No doubt you are eager to be in your own bed again!

  7. Question? Where is Bayou Fabio getting his weather reports? Or is he using his talents from generations living down there? I vote for staying with Heather Here a bit longer.

  8. BLU – When packing things that cannot survive, rods & reels don’t count. Besides, they don’t fit well in the cab of a truck or car!

    Katy Bug – Looks like he knows what he’s talking about, because now they are predicting coastal flooding—as far east as St. Bernard Parish. I am staying put for now.

  9. My heart and prayers are with you all. i can’t imagine having to leave my home and not know what is happening to it. But better to lose stuff than a life. I’m glad you are staying put. Even though they say Ike is heading for Texas, there’s a lot of things that can happen between now and landall.

    Sending you a virtual hug.

  10. Hi Sue! It’s good to hear from you! Well, I am trying hard not to chomp at the bit as I was all set to return home tomorrow. Now I have to subdue that energy or transfer it elsewhere. I think I’ll work on a new post that has nothing to do with hurricanes! Thanks for the hug!