Who dat turned 17?

This note was tucked into the last page of a photo album Dotter and MuzicMan gave Miah for his birthday.  In that album were photos of their first trip to Disney last February–Dotter, MuzicMan, Miah and Termite.

The note was a December calendar, with a countdown from his birthday to today . . .

You need a closer look . . .

MuzicMan sings in the college choir, and Dotter accompanies. They are performing at Disney tomorrow.  These two cool young adults saw an opportunity to take their little brothers on a quick trip to Disney that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  The two older brothers, Daboo and Danno, paid their way as their Christmas gift.

Miah and Termite might not realize right now how blessed they are to go to Disney twice in one year, or how blessed they are that they have older siblings and a brother-in-law who care so much about them.  One day, they will look back on these times with fond memories.

To all my chidren, thank you for blessing each other and me.  You never cease to amaze me at the wonderful people you continue to be.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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  1. Awwwwww!! There goes the waterworks again! I hope they enjoy their surprise trip … it will be so beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations.

    I hope you enjoy some BW Time!!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful surprise. You have some very loving and giving children. Since the parents actions always reflect in their children, you have done great. Pat yourself on the back for an excellent job done.

  3. Where’s the d@#n Kleenex when I need them! Happy Birthday Miah!
    Dotter, if you need an adopted mother for the next trip, I’m pretty sure I’m available.