Whoopie Pie Cake — 9 Comments

  1. I used to love these. I think Lil Debbie makes them now but calls them Devil Creams. My husband and grandson love them. Grandson called them “num nums” so now, if hubby wants me to get them for his lunch, he tells me to grab a box of num nums.

  2. My glucose level just jumped up reading this post.I’m actually craving something chocolate right now. I think this would satisfy that craving.

  3. Whoopie! I’m home, and getting caught up on my reading, now. The first thing I thought about when I saw this was Moon Pies, but it certainly seems as though this would be exponentially better than a Moon Pie! I’m not about to try it right now, but it’s gone into the file, and it may be that I’ll have a chance to use it during the holiday season, when I can share it with others, and not just sit down with a spoon and have at it!

    • Welcome home, Linda. I’ve got to find some time to catch up on reading your blog, too! I know you had adventurous travels! This is definitely a keeper recipe and great for a large gathering. A little piece goes a long way, but it the flavors are perfectly balanced. The sweet of the cream filling balances the bitter of the ganache. I highly recommend it!

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