Wild red what

Happy Monday after the holidays, everyone! Hope you are all off to work and back at school with smiling faces!

It has rained for the past two days and is still raining, so there won’t be any touring or fishing today. That leaves posting something here for your enjoyment. How about another photo from The Picture Box?


I love flowers–especially wild ones that require no special care. I have no idea where this flower came from–it just popped up one day in one of my potted plants–but it is the coolest flower and the humming birds love it.

The flower stalks grow very tall, and when the flowers die, they leave behind these crispy brown seeds that I can slip right off by the fingers-full and broadcast any where my little heart desires. And before you know it, their offspring are sending up new tall flower spikes for my flowering pleasure. They grow just about anywhere without any pampering at all.


So, for a packet of the seeds (mailed to your door), who can tell me the name of this flower and whether or not it is an indigenous wildflower of Louisiana?

I’ll be back later to see who the great botanist of my readers is!

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  1. This is a picture of a scarlet sage. It grows in zones 4 – 10 so I would think it would be indigenous to LA.

    Is this how you get people up in the morning? With research? 🙂

    You have a great blog.

  2. Ok, everyone. We just got home from a 3.5 hour drive to Hattiesburg to listen to my oh-so-talented daughter play her Master’s recital for one hour, dinner at her place of employ and then the 3.5 hour drive back home. Can you pleeeeeeease wait until Tuesday? Thanks!