Friends Fishing

My new fishing friends, J.G. and The Princess graciously invited me to go wet a line with them. Since I usually take others out fishing, going with someone else is a real treat for me. Hey, any time I don’t have to load the boat, haul the boat, and launch the boat, it’s a treat!! Our first stop gave up three redfish, and then the bite stopped. We moved on to another spot only to find very dirty water and the winds increasing by the second. We moved inland and decided to anchor and try our luck on bottom with bait shrimp and fresh cracked crab. And the fish found our hooks at this stop!

Final tally at the last stop: eight big white trout, two big black drum CNR (catch ‘n release), one big black drum got away by straightening out the swivel snap, and one nice keeper drum.

Here’s J.G. fighting her big CNR drum. We did not take a pic of the drum, because the fight lasted a while and we wanted to return it to the H2O quickly:

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