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Wings of pink

make me think what a wonderful life we live in the Louisiana wetlands.

Anchored in a dead-end canal, fishing on the bottom with cut mullet (provided by Bayou Fabio), a Bayou Woman reader, her hubby, and I bird watched while we wet a line.

As we left the unproductive fishing spot, the birds were stirred from their fishing hole . . .

which was great for my guests, as they had never seen a roseate before.

and offered us the chance to get a closer look at their shades of dark pink.

It was my great pleasure to have on board an avid reader of this blog, and Community contest winner, Susie CR!

She and hubby took a little vacation from work over there in the desert of West Texas, and came down the bayou, by way of New Orleans, to see if we do, indeed, have webbed feet!

Today, we are off on a driving tour and hopefully lunch at the famous bayou restaurant:  Schmoopy’s.

We’ll take pics of our food for you.  How does that sound?

Okay, gotta get going!


Update on house coming soon.

Here’s my latest freelance project.

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  1. Roseates are beautiful. I actually put a halt on fishing to watch a pair the last time we were down your way. I know, it’s hard to believe…but I did.
    Well, I’m off now to see if I can locate a copy of your latest freelance project in the Ascension Gumbo. Hope y’all have a good time today.

    1. Steffi – You can email me personally! It’s okay. My box was just filling up too fast with jokes, but you weren’t the only one!!! So, is everybody okay? And I cleaned my box out to 90% full!

  2. That 4th photo is terrific…can’t believe how colorful the underside of the wing is! And I learned a lot about oysters from your freelance article…good reading and now I’m hungry… 🙂

  3. Can’t believe I just about kayak between the legs of a ‘pink bird’ and the pix were of legs only.

    You got to hold your tongue right.

    Nice. Feel like I might live today.

  4. We really are here and it’s really been a great trip. We recommend Schmoopy’s but all you’ll get are pictures of the remains!

    1. Can’t believe I left my camera in the truck . . . and then forgot take a pic of our food until we were almost finished! Guess we were starving! My crab patty on a bun was delicious.

  5. Three thumbs up on oysters. I might have to figure how to bookmark the home page of that freebie.

    “put some bleachers in the sun…..” Someday I am driving the length of Hwy 61 from Minnesota south.

    I need to bake up some trout……

    1. blufloyd ~

      You’re in MN? I’ve got kin in Winona. Grew up in Iowa.

      I spent two weeks last year driving 61 through Mississippi – wrote about it some, and have more writing to do. Great music, great people.

      You’ll never ever regret the trip – and the closer to get to the bayous, the happier you’ll be!

  6. What beautiful photos of the birds, BW. They’re my favorite, I suppose. I do love the color. And they’re such fun to watch feed. You did a great job of capturing the flight.

    Things are changing around here. I walked out this morning and heard doves cooing. The mallards are going crazy and I swear I heard an early mockingbird baby. Spring’s right around the corner – but the water’s still hovering around 55.

  7. Nice pics. Can’t wait to be there in person! I’m really hoping it’s this summer but apparently no rich ill uncles have croaked and left me gobs of inheritance, lol. I probably should get a few rich old ill uncles first, huh?

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