Winter: Time for a Reading Treasure Hunt!

When I started this blog back in 2007, I had high hopes that it would bring attention to this wonderful place in which we live:  The Louisiana Wetlands.  I wanted to educate folks about the beauty here and the unique culture and way of life, which are so closely tied to the wetlands that are disappearing at an alarming rate.

I hope I have somehow done that . . . on some scale.

Lately I’ve been looking back at some of the original posts and looking at the number of comments.  Most of you new readers have not had the time to back to the beginning and read all the posts from then until now.

If I must say so myself, some of the earlier posts were pretty entertaining.  Therefore, I’m going to offer you an incentive to do some archival reading.

I have thousands of photos taken while out and about living life here in these wetlands.  I do not sell my photos, YET.  I will be doing so in this coming year.  Meanwhile, I would like to share my photos with you, which I used to do quite often here at Bayou Woman.

Here’s how the treasure hunts will work.

Go to the left-hand menu on my home page.  Click on Posts by Month.  Scroll down to the months listed in contest rules.  Read the questions first, then read all the posts, and leave a comment with your very specific answers to the numbered questions.  All correct entries will go into a random drawing for an 8 x 10 original BW photo, suitable for framing. (I will send you proofs from which to choose based on your area on interest.)

This is the first in a series of contests.  So, here we go . . .

Treasure Hunt No. 1 :
August 2007 through October 2007 Posts

1) What kind of fish has teeth like a human?

2) What is my youngest son’s nickname?

3) What kind of fish was used for the crab cakes?

4) Where did the travel writer who traveled the farthest come from?

5) Name two things I lost while “paying my dues”.

6) List every specie of fish we caught in the month of October.

This might take a while, so I’ll give you a couple days to work on it.  It’s not a gazillion posts, just a few.  Some of them are mostly pics, anyway.  You could theoretically be finished with this in as little as an hour, depending on how fast you skim read!

Baby, it’s cold outside, so get your Snuggie (eegads), your hot beverage, and pull yourself up to your computer and get ready to read, read, read.

Good luck on the contest, my reader friends!


CONTEST OVER!  Steffi is the winner!  She will receive an email asking her what subject matter of photos she would like to see proofs for, and then she will select one for her 8 x 10 prize!

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  1. What fun, I love scavenger hunts!
    1. sheephead
    2. termite
    3. black drum
    4. Canada
    5. anchors, sunglasses
    6. speckled trout, red drum, sheephead, white trout, black drum, redfish

  2. Mamabug, you’re fast!

    I have my snuggie, cappuccino latte, back massager and a belly full of Red Neck Gumbo made from left over smoked turkey and cornbread. So, I am ready.

      1. I was in the grocery store earlier and some of us were discussing good, warm, filling food. I told her about the gumbo and she asked for the recipe. I gave her your site info and address and a couple of others were standing there too. So, maybe some new readers will join you soon.

  3. 1) What kind of fish has teeth like a human?

    2) What is my youngest son’s nickname?

    3) What kind of fish was used for the crab cakes?

    4) Where did the travel writer who traveled the farthest come from?

    5) Name two things I lost while “paying my dues”.
    Anchor and Sunglasses

    6) List every specie of fish we caught in the month of October.
    Blackdrum, speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, white trout, bullred, ratred and a plain trout was listed.

  4. Saw a bald eagle perched over route 20 east of Storm Lake Iowa Sunday. Lot of dem Dutch types dere, eh.
    Saw lots of Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signage too..

    Woo hoo snowing here again.

    Oh and I knew them answers too.

  5. I am certainly more aware of the LA bayou area because of your blog! I quoted you quite a lot during the oil spill and felt like I knew about it from a much more personal level than what was being presented on the national news. Thanks for what you are doing!

  6. I’m gonna recuse myself from the giveaways for a while since I raked in the lion’s share this past year; however this is a terrific idea for directing newbies and not-so-new readers to the wonderful archives!

    That great write-up and the pics in John Jones’s Photo and Travel notes were ‘worth the price of admission.’

    I’m getting a good refresher on all the good eatin’ fish of the Gulf Coast!

    1. I’m going to excuse myself from this one also. I just don’t have the time! I did start going back through your old post though Wendy. It is enjoyable reading and I like seeing how far you’ve come since then!

      1. Thanks, Kim. In order to set up the contests, I also must go back and read all the posts. In the beginning, some of them were fishing posts I had posted on a fishing forum. I just copied and pasted. Can’t wait until we get to the fun stuff!

  7. I love these type of giveaways and enjoy reading through back posts but I’m swamped today and am kicking myself for not using my time at home with a sick kid yesterday and looking at the blog.

    The basketball tournament was so much fun, I took 2 days off work to go. I love those boys and they are so well behaved for teenage boys that it’s a pleasure to go places with them. Even if they do give me grief about my sense of direction and my massive amounts of luggage I require, it’s always a good time. Thanks for the sweet words on my fb post the other day.

  8. I too was going to pass on this one to allow some newcomers a chance to win, but I’ve waited long enough…
    1. Sheepshead
    2. Termite
    3. Blackdrum (Aka Goo)
    5. Anchor and sunglasses
    6. Sheepshead, Blk. Drum, Redfish (keepers, Ratreds and Bulls), Specks, and White Trout

  9. I would like to pass on the rewards, even though the pecan tree in the back has not yielded since Rita.

    I figured you lost your sense of humor.

    Wasn’t there some flounder caught also?

    1. Wait, wait, wait, Goldie. You lost me with the second sentence “I figured you lost your sense of humor”. Why, did you find it? LOL! What, what’s up with that? You lost me! I cannot answer your flounder question on the grounds that it might be considered cheating. 😉

      1. Flounder? I might have to go re-read! Oct. is a good month for them.
        BW, I hate to say this (showing my age here), but I still haven’t “recovered” from the cruise and actually fell asleep with pencil in hand while reading your post.

          1. I’m glad I could brighten your day. I just hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell.
            Now… off to vacuum. I can’t wait any longer for Hubby to do it.

  10. Dear Faithful Readers:
    It is now time for the random drawing. The names going into the hat are:
    1) Mamabug
    2) Cammy
    3) Steffi

    There were five species of fish caught; but y’all were very, very thorough on that question!

    FYI: Red drum = Red fish
    Rat Red = Red fish under 16 inches (at least in my boat, it means not a keeper)
    Bull Red = Red fish 27 inches or longer
    Trout = Speckled trout
    White trout = white trout
    Black drum = black drum
    Sheephead = sheepshead

  11. Thank you to all three of our contestants for playing and reading archives!


    Random Integer Generator

    Here are your random numbers:


    Timestamp: 2011-01-13 13:50:24 UTC

    And how will you claim your prize, Steffi?

  12. Congrats, Steffi! And Happy New Year to you, BW and BW readers. I’m creeping back from a total hard drive failure and have been a little out of pocket. Luckily, everything important was backed up, but I’m still a few days away from being totally up and running.

    Sure is good to get a decent connection and get out into the world again. Hope it’s not as cold there as it is here – I had to break ice out of the birds’ water bowls two mornings in a row.

    1. At least you were sweet and considerate enough to do that for them . . . brrrr . . . frozen water in the pipes this a.m. Gonna let her drip tonight, I guarantee you that! Welcome back, been wondering if you slid off the face of the earth . . .

  13. Congrats Steffi!!

    BW, is it just me or is it super cold in the south this year? I know Texas gets weird sometimes but, I figured that far south in LA would surely be warm enough not to freeze the pipes like some of ours. I dread my water bill.

    1. Yes, it is unusually cold for this time of year here. This was the first December I recall where temps dropped to freezing BEFORE the first day of winter, Dec. 21. Now, it’s dropped down into the 20’s about four times in less than a month. This is definitely not typical for here. I need to go fishing Sunday, so it better warm up enough for the trout to move around and bite.

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  15. Thanks everyone. I wish there had been more people participating though. It didn’t take long to read 5-6 posts (even falling asleep midway). If BW should do this again, take the 15-20 minutes …you could be a winner too!

    1. Oh this was just the first in a series of photo contests I will be doing. I have all these thousands of photos that I would like to share with y’all in a more permanent way. So, thanks again for playing and encouraging others! BW