Would you like a sneak peek?

My daughter and I spent this morning making a delightfully smooth punch for the wedding reception. Then we drove to town and decorated the reception hall and the sanctuary at the church. This is the church she was born in, baptized in, professed her faith in, directed music in, and where she and her fiance` currently lead the music.

The reception will be tended to by older women in the church who’ve watched her grow up, friends, and her Nanny Carol and cousins.

The wedding cake layers were baked and her dress was hemmed by Mrs. M. B., who also made the dress for her first birthday party.

The wedding cake is being decorated by Mrs. T.F., who has known her since she was a chubby-cheeked infant. She worked for Mrs. T.F. in her cake shop several years ago.

For the “Desserts Reception”, cousin Katy Bug is making Chocolate Mousse Cups. Our close friend, Debbie, is bringing Philly Delights from Mississippi.

Ladies of the church are making fruit trays, carrot cake, and the Doberge groom’s cake; and a man in the church is making Boclava.

Oh, she and I made the tropical fruit ring that will float in the punch bowl. It’s so beautiful!

Yes, indeed, this is going to be one heck of a “Desserts Reception”!

Here’s your sneak peek. I don’t have her permission, so I hope she doesn’t mind. If she does, I’ll have to “unpublish” this post! I hope I’m not breaking some big rule by doing this.

Here’s the welcome table. Those are not pennies–they are lavender stones . . .

Here’s the happy couple after a long, hard day. She will kill me when she sees this on here because she had on ZERO makeup! She was about to leave to go get ready for the “Bridemaids’ Dinner” as opposed to a bachelorette party.

These lavendar Jelly Belly beans are the wedding favors. Oh, and no rice or bird seed for this evening wedding. We’ll see them off to their honey moon car with good, old fashioned *sparklers*!!!!! In all colors!

Thanks for sharing in this with us. I hope to have more photos for you this weekend of the great event. The wedding is Saturday night. Please pray for us all!


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  1. Awwwwwww….the love from those wonderful family and lifelong friends take a wedding to a whole special height. Sounds like every thing she has planned has the loving touch of someone special, now THATS a wedding to envy!!! Congrats to the happy couple, make-up or not, she is a beautiful young woman. Hope you all have a wonderful time, and BW…..please..please hand the camera to someone else…we don’t want no soggy photos of this wonderful event!!!
    Love and happiness,
    Debbi in TX

    Well, Debbi, as much as I would LOVE to lug my camera around, I’m not going to! The most expensive thing of this whole wedding is the photographer’s fee, and I darn well intend to make sure she earns EVERY PENNY!!!! But hopefully, I will have a few “candid” shots of my own to show you before the real photos are produced. Guess that means I will be lugging my camera at least before the wedding!

  2. All of you will be in my prayers. They will make a beautiful couple. Keep the kleenex handy!

    Thanks, though I’ve been ordered by my daughter that I cannot cry, because then I’ll make her cry and she doesn’t want to cry. It’s her wedding and she gets what she wants, so I won’t cry. They took all the Kleenex boxes off the pews, too! Remember, I am walking her down the isle along with her father, so I can’t cry!!!!! Too many eyes upon me!

  3. I don’t care how strong you are…it will happen….BUT they will be happy tears. I held back as long as I could when Mindi was married, then it was like somebody turned the faucet on….

    And I still remember that sweet, little girl of long, long ago!

  4. Put a tissue somewhere, I’d hate to hear you used hubby’s coat sleeve. I did great for my 2 sons weddings. When it came to my baby girl, I was doing great until my dad started crying and leaned over to me and said “your mamma would be so proud today”. My mom died when my daughter was just 3 months old.

    Awwwwww. That is so sweet. My parents are both gone, and my daughter loved them dearly. If I think about them, I most certainly will cry. I’ve asked my husband to put a hanky in his pocket for me!

  5. I’ve been keeping up with Rach through her Myspace page. I am so excited for her! I hope you and she will post lots of wedding pictures. I know she will be an absolutely beautiful bride.

    You know, I guess I should keep up with my kids through their My Space pages, but I just don’t do it!!! I’ll share the photos when I get them! Thanks, Carol.