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  1. Awwwwwww….the love from those wonderful family and lifelong friends take a wedding to a whole special height. Sounds like every thing she has planned has the loving touch of someone special, now THATS a wedding to envy!!! Congrats to the happy couple, make-up or not, she is a beautiful young woman. Hope you all have a wonderful time, and BW…..please..please hand the camera to someone else…we don’t want no soggy photos of this wonderful event!!!
    Love and happiness,
    Debbi in TX

    Well, Debbi, as much as I would LOVE to lug my camera around, I’m not going to! The most expensive thing of this whole wedding is the photographer’s fee, and I darn well intend to make sure she earns EVERY PENNY!!!! But hopefully, I will have a few “candid” shots of my own to show you before the real photos are produced. Guess that means I will be lugging my camera at least before the wedding!

  2. All of you will be in my prayers. They will make a beautiful couple. Keep the kleenex handy!

    Thanks, though I’ve been ordered by my daughter that I cannot cry, because then I’ll make her cry and she doesn’t want to cry. It’s her wedding and she gets what she wants, so I won’t cry. They took all the Kleenex boxes off the pews, too! Remember, I am walking her down the isle along with her father, so I can’t cry!!!!! Too many eyes upon me!

  3. I don’t care how strong you are…it will happen….BUT they will be happy tears. I held back as long as I could when Mindi was married, then it was like somebody turned the faucet on….

    And I still remember that sweet, little girl of long, long ago!

  4. Put a tissue somewhere, I’d hate to hear you used hubby’s coat sleeve. I did great for my 2 sons weddings. When it came to my baby girl, I was doing great until my dad started crying and leaned over to me and said “your mamma would be so proud today”. My mom died when my daughter was just 3 months old.

    Awwwwww. That is so sweet. My parents are both gone, and my daughter loved them dearly. If I think about them, I most certainly will cry. I’ve asked my husband to put a hanky in his pocket for me!

  5. I’ve been keeping up with Rach through her Myspace page. I am so excited for her! I hope you and she will post lots of wedding pictures. I know she will be an absolutely beautiful bride.

    You know, I guess I should keep up with my kids through their My Space pages, but I just don’t do it!!! I’ll share the photos when I get them! Thanks, Carol.

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