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  1. It’s rather bizarre to hear o’ folk complaining about “fresh water intrusion” when the salt water intrusion has been killing off the bayou for so long. Here’s hoping & praying that some sense and foresight prevails for everyone and we can save the coast, the culture and the people we all love! In the end, it will benefit us all for generations if we do it right…

  2. Great post! And maybe things already have progressed. When I got yesterday’s issue of Coast Currents, they were celebrating the unanimous passage of the Master Plan in the Legislature. Looks like it’s all a go – what a fine step forward!

    I just went and double checked the news, and apparently it was passed unanimously out of the House and Senate both. Hoorah!

    • Thanks for the compliment and yes, I knew it passed, but I wrote this on Sunday and wished I would have posted before today. That’s what happens when you wait too long!!!! Been busy as a bee trying to get ready for TV show host arrival this afternoon. Seems that has taken precedence over most everything. And then the pink egrets took the spotlight!!!! Sheesh! It’s good to have so much to blog about, but can’t it just spread out over time? : )

      • Trying to catch up… been out of town. I’ll have to go back and read your last post. Now, about this one…
        I’m really ignorant about much of the plan, but what little I do know, I think shows great potential for restoration. Too bad we can’t just twitch our nose or nod our head and have an instant fix. (showing my age with old tv show magic)

    • Is this the plan? No, it is not. You should see the new road that connects at the intersection of Choup’s place. Already been a couple deadly crashes there. Hope they’ve put a light by now.

    • I am just about as intrigued as I can be right now with this information. I absolutely had no idea these expeditions existed or that anyone was studying this particular species. They are not, however, in my neck of the wetlands. They are south of New Orleans in the Port Sulphur area. I will be looking into this more, as I’m curious to know who is providing the boats, etc. Thanks for sharing! BW

  3. Just read this again and it reminded me of the on-going kerfluffle in Texas – the rights of property owners vs the public when it comes to beaches. You’re right – sometimes everyone has to give a little. I read through some of the articles written post-passage, and it looks to me like no one is royally p-o’d, which is good.

    You’re right. it’s time to get to work and make some things happen.

    • I have been so busy preparing for and doing a two-day TV shoot that I have not had time to read a single word post-passage, so thank you very much for posting here that you’re not seeing negative responses. Sometimes I think the media just looks for nay sayers to make things more interesting. Thanks again!

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